Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How it Went

How it went.

1:32pm Cordelia wakes from her nap--- earlier than usual. I tryto get her back to sleep (this time is more precious than gold to me, the only time I have to entirely focus on my own thang). She smiles and laughs and hugs. How could I resist?

1:33pm Faced with some unexpected time with the little lady we run through some counting, the alphabet, a few songs. Thrilling for both of us.

1:36pm Hmmm. What to do now? I could go about chores with the little lady helping (she loves to sweep), but I feel like we need to do something special. Cordelia looks up at me with expectation...I felt like I had been challenged.

1:38 Inspiration hits. This girl doesn't know how to paint. So I break out the watercolors, the real watercolors and some heavy duty water color paper. I prep the paints, spray the paper with water (helps the paint spread) and we were ready to go.

2 hands
She took the two handed approach.

Eric is convinced that she in ambidextrous

Three completed masterpieces. She said, "I made it mama!"

2:28 Cordelia becomes aware that there is paint all over her hands and begins to panic. To nip the building freak-out in the bud I decide that it is sprinkler time.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the backyard.

4:45 Eric returns from work, bringing me a bouquet of lilies. Later I asked him if he got lilies because they were our wedding flowers. He grins and says,", YES, that is exactly why I chose them..."

5:20 I start dinner, vegan cabbage burgers they are way better than they sound. Why does the word cabbage just sound gross?

6:29 The whole family (minus to cranky cats) heads out for an after dinner walk. The sun is bright orange and kind of muted due to nearby raging fires. We wander through the neighborhood, enjoying the slightly strange atmosphere. Stopping at a park to play. Eric delights us all with hand walking, flips and cartwheels.

7:42 We find ourselves hot from our walk, lazing about the living room. I make berry and almond milk smoothies to cool us down. Just blueberries, strawberries, a small spoon of sugar, almond milk, blend.

8:10 Cordelia says, "Wanna listen to music and dance." Dance off ensues.

8:21 Cordelia is still awake (what kind of parents are we?). We turn off the lights and break out some glow sticks. Fun ensues. Look I wrote you (yes you specifically) a couple of messages and drew you a picture with a glow stick and a slow shutter speed on the camera.




That is how it went. How did it go for you?


affectioknit said...

I love the glow stick the cabbage burger recipe...sounds really interesting...

Stacy said...

Ahh, watercolors... sounds like a fun afternoon. I sadly worked but also got my hair done. Not all bad...

Emily said...

The glow stick photos are very cool! I think it sounds like a perfectly wonderful day. You are such a good mom! :)

Angela Atkinson said...

Sounds like an amazing day! I love when they go that way. Your little girl is quite an artist too...she might really be ambidextrous! Great post. :)

elizabeth said...

that sounds like a good way for it to go. :)

my boy spent the afternoon with his dad in a front end loader. my girl and i spent the afternoon at the library and the grocery store and singing by our piano.

and 8:21 - that's early! ours often aren't in bed until after 9:00 (like, well after 9:00) - but ben is never home before 6:30 and often not till 7:00 or later . . .

keep enjoying your days with your girl and your man!

Anonymous said...

The glow stick photos are stunning!

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