Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trip to North Carolina: Day 1

We slept in for our first morning, blame it on the time difference. I managed to sleep in until 8am local time, kind of a miracle for me. Our first full day in North Carolina started out rainy. We didn't mind as we LOVE the rain. We had breakfast and got ready for a fun filled day.

Ben and Sara gave us a little driving tour of Chapel Hill and Durham. We drove through areas that seemed like dense forest, but were actually in the middle of the city. We looked at all of the creeping vines, the tall magnolia trees, the green growing things.

Eventually we stopped at Duke University to check out the Nasher Art Museum. They had some good shows up and a pretty interesting permanent collection as well.

gang of 4
Our gang at the art museum

At the museum
Sweet girl

After a visit to the museum it was time for lunch. We decided to stop at Chubby's Tacos. The restaurant wasn't vegan, but they had some great vegan options and an impressive salsa bar.

Chubby's taco
Chubby's Tacos

Cordelia and I waiting for lunch
Waiting for lunch

Eric's burrito
Eric, overwhelmed by the magnitude of his burrito

After lunch the rain had let up. We drove through downtown Durham and stopped at a little park with some great water features. We wandered around for a bit. Cordelia was pleased as she loooves water. She kept saying, "Riber (river) mama, riber."

Cordelia and I at a water park

Strolling along

Family photo (can you figure out what is wrong with this picture?)

Ben and I
Ben and I

We headed back to Ben and Sara's house for a little rest after a busy morning. The sun came out. We walked around their wooded neighborhood, chatted, and had a nice relaxing time.

Sun through the trees


oh deer


Since I have so many photos I will show you the rest of our day tomorrow. Stay tuned.


affectioknit said...

Awesome homey photos for me again...I think you're at the American Tobacco Campus...which is a great historic restoration project that was started before I left NC...I can only imagine how awesome it is now...

Have a lovely day!

elizabeth said...

so glad you've had happy travels! :)

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