Monday, September 5, 2011

Gardening and Cooking with STYLE

Yesterday afternoon I made a little dress up drawer for Cordelia. She was beyond excited. She came up with this little number for herself. So proud of her couture creation she decided it was time to garden.


We went outside where she did some "gardening" as the dogs looked on.

dress up

Then Bode made a move and stole Cordelia's tools. Perhaps he was just planning to re-plant the rhododendron he tore out of my garden.

stolen goods

While Bode was staying with us he did get into some trouble, but we realized that most of the bad ideas were not his own. Careful observation revealed that Miss Bumblebee was something of a puppet-master, getting poor Bode to do her bidding.


Notice that Bode is pretty much giving over the garden tools to Bumblebee. She grabbed a plastic shovel and started to chew! I scolded her and it was like she was shocked that she was in trouble.


Cordelia was pretty laid back about the end to her gardening adventure. She was ready to go inside and "help" me cook a dinner of vegan pigs in a blanket (a much sweeter name when you're vegan). Before she could get to work she had to update her look a bit.

Fixing dinner

She climbed up on the stool and kneaded dough (more or less) and helped me to sample the other ingredients. She kept saying, "Help you mama," from underneath her giant pink wig. The girl has style!

Any ideas for additions to her dress up drawer?


Kathryn Ashcroft said...

Hehehehe! I LOVED reading this! xxx

affectioknit said...

So CUTE! I wouldn't add a thing!

Sarah said...

Ooo dressing up is great fun! The favourite things in my dressing up box were an old wrap around skirt of my grandmas that we used as a cape, a net curtain (for veils, 'hair' wrap dress etc) and an old handbag. Hours of fun!

Victoria said...

A "dress-up" drawer, what a great idea! With grandma's hat on she looks like a little cabbage! ;)

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Oh, the addition of the pink wig seals the deal! How cute! Dressing up is so fun! My youngest used to be in costume every day when he was little!

bel said...

Dressing up is sooo much fun! My Lulu will be jealous of the pink wig. ;)

Do you have toddler-safe costume jewelry in your drawer? Or pop-beads?

Also, lots of pretty ribbons. My girls used ribbons in tons of different ways.

AKM said...

That is the best hat ever, and I wish I had a pink wig.

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