Saturday, September 3, 2011

How I Hurt Bumblebee

Yesterday afternoon I was watching my parent's dog Bode. Usually when Bode is over we walk a fine line between simple chaos and complete disaster, it's normally kind of exciting (for Cordelia and Bumblebee---not the cats).

Hmm, how to describe Bode...he is not unlike a baby horse who has no control over his body. He has no sense of boundary. He sometimes walks up behind me and gives me a gentle nip on the rear. He is still just learning his limits--he finally understands no and drop it, most of the time. He has a certain je ne sais quoi that is also quite charming (charmant if we are incorporating French today). When he goes bolting through the house he is all legs, he spins out of control, tumbles headlong, falls, rolls, and generally flails about and of course he does everything at top speed.

You know if we lived like cavemen this would just be a complete joy, but in the confines of a humble home about there are times when it feels as though we are taking a long drink of crazy juice.

Take, for example, yesterday afternoon. Bode and Bumblebee were running around the backyard having a blast. Suddenly the two of them decided to take the party inside. They ran to the backdoor and started barking. I can't be the neighbor with the barking dogs, so I tried to let them in the house in a calm and orderly fashion...I really tried.

Bode ran in first and was completely overjoyed, as though he'd never been allowed indoors before. He flopped around the kitchen snuffling at anything and everything, just looking for something to play with. Bumblebee started to come in and stood about halfway in the sliding glass door, looking up at me as if to say, "Can you believe that kid?" I watched her move in the door the rest of the way and I began to close the door. Bode took that exact moment to flip over the water dish (Cordelia just outgrew that habit) and water went pouring out over the linoleum. Cordelia started for the spilled water against my warning and wiped out. My hand still on the sliding glass door, shoved it shut so I could dive for my girl and pick her sobbing form up. Bode was trying to lick her face, there were tears and shouts and limbs akimbo. The sliding door shut, not with its usual satisfactory clunk, but with a thud and a very loud yelp.

I had shut Bumblebee's tail in the door. Hard. She must have backed up amidst the pandemonium. She looked up at me with those sad houndy eyes asking,"Why?" Bode came bounding over to give her licks and nuzzle her, it was really sweet. Cordelia instantly stopped crying when she heard Bee's yelp of pain.

I did a quick examination and determined that it wasn't broken. She gently wagged her injured tail at me. Later the injury inflated and became swollen and bruised. Poor girl.

poor bee
Sleeping it off. If you look closely you can see the indentation from the door about halfway up her tail

She has been a little careful about the tail since the incident, but the sweet girl didn't hold a grudge. I love that about her, about dogs in general. Their ability to forgive and love. I was so horrified to have hurt Bum, but she tried to comfort me with licks and wags. I love that after all of these years I am still learning from Bumblebee.


Kate W. said...

OH, poor Bum! Bode sounds absolutely hysterical! Of course, I can say that, because I'm not corralling him every day! :) LOL. But, I love your point about how forgiving animals are. I did almost the same thing to our pup Josey Lynn, long time ago -- somehow her tail got caught when we were roughhousing, and she yelped in pain. I was in tears, sure I had broken her tail -- but soon she was over, licking my tears, gently wagging her sore tail, assuring me all would be fine! Such sweet and gentle, amazing creations, our doggies!

PS -- I didn't even realize you had cats!

Maria Rose said...


I do have two cats (you can search Ophelia and Mia to see them), they are just aging and prefer to be left alone/ sleep all day so I respect their privacy most of the time.

AKM said...

Oh, poor Bumblebee! She knows it was an accident, I'm sure.

I had only had Jackie a few days and I was enthusiastically patting the couch to tell her to climb up and sit with me, and as she jumped, my hand totally smacked her. She ran and got under the kitchen table and wouldn't come to me. I cried for about an hour, I felt so bad. It was awful. Now, I step on her tail all the time -- hey, she's always underfoot, so what can I do? -- and she just looks at me as if to say, "Oh, thanks so much. Jeez! Oh well, I still love you, ya crazy human!" :-)

Kate said...

A} "Long drink of crazy juice" is hilarious and I'm stealing it.
B} Poor Bumblebee, and poor you! I hate when I injure a loved one.

singlemama said...

what can you do now? cuddle her a bit more, be grateful that it's nothing serious and forgive yourself as she did.


a big hug.

Stacy said...

Aww, poor thing! :-( She knows you love her so of course she wouldn't hold a grudge. I hope she milked it for an extra treat!

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