Friday, September 2, 2011

The Good With the Bad

The Good
Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day here in Wyoming.


The Good
I get a morning snuggle with my lovely daughter.

The Bad
I have to deal with

rats nest

The Good
I made this super cute W to hang on our front door


The Good
Bode is here today.


The Bad
Bode is a total spaz and makes my back window look like this. Good thing he is sweet.

dirty windows

The Good
He and Bumblebee have so much fun together!


What is good and bad for you today?


Susan S said...


Cordy's hair is tooooo cute!

Bode thinks he's cleaning the window for you.

Emily said...

The Good: My 14 year old niece is visiting for the weekend! We are going to The Action Figure Museum this afternoon!

The Bad: It is still well over 100degrees here. My house is a complete wreck.

Have a good Labor Day Weekend, Friend!!

Kate said...

The Good- We're in Taos!
The Bad- We got here at 2 am and my daughter has informed me it's time to be up. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

The Good - I finally got my website published, you can find it on the internet...
The Bad - Before I can share this website I have to learn HTML CODE!

**I thought I could just copy/paste and voila! Up pops a website....

I'll have to find someone around here who can show me how to do that so I can have a website that people can actually look at! Maybe October it'll be up and running...

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