Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pirates, Green Baby Fingers(or toes), Animals, Flowers

We are off to a slow start to this morning. The last bits of illness are being coughed out in a symphony of hacking between Cordelia and I. We are both feeling fine, but the little bits of cough tend to linger as a phlegmy souvenir of this weekend. I am not really dressed for the day. I am wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt from the Alamarosa truck stop/restaurant. Despite how this may sound I have been super busy this morning and Cordelia has been playing like she's making up for lost time. She only stops briefly to hug or smooch me. Her hugs are always a little overwhelming and I end up with a head butt or a handful of hair missing from my scalp, but who can complain about sweetness at its most intense?

Cordelia wearing a pirate dress and sporting a serious case of bedhead

Elsewhere the house is calm. The sun is streaming in through the open curtains. The cats are lounging downstairs.



Bumblebee has quietly climbed onto the couch (she knows it is against the rules). I didn't bother to enforce the rules this morning. Bad and inconsistent of me. Shame---or I should feel shame, but generally I feel apathetic. Bum is such a sweet girl that I just don't mind this little indescretion. Ceasar Milan would not approve!

sneaky bum
Sneaky Bumblebee

While the animals have been snoozing and Cordelia has been playing I have been crafting tons of flower clips. Why, you may be asking, am I making so many flower clips (see here for the tutorial)? I am so glad you asked. Well, on the 24th of this month my mother and I are going to be participating in our first craft fair with Wyoming Rose goodies. Between the two of us we are crocheting and crafting up a storm!

Pile of flowers

Finally, on a completely unrelated note check out this plant...

baby toes
This succulent plant is called either baby fingers or baby toes. The translucent tips are where photosynthesis occurs. Cool huh?!

How is your morning going?


Victoria said...

Arrrrrrggghhhh! Haha! Bet she wants to be a pirate for Halloween!! Have you ever read the children's author, Richard Scarey and his great story about the "Pie-rats"???

Kate W. said...

She makes a most scary (adorable!) pirate!! And Mia is gorgeous! We had a light grey Siamese with beautiful blue eyes . . . I miss her so!

Keia said...

I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well :( I hope you get better soon! By the way, those rose clips are adorable!

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