Friday, September 23, 2011

Tea Party, Jackpot, Idea for Us: Three Part Post

Part I Tea Party
Yesterday Cordelia and I went to a dress up tea party at our friend's house. I used it as an opportunity to have Cordelia wear this over-the-top dress she had been given (lace, bows, beads, etc,). I dressed up too! We had peach tea and blueberry muffins. Fun was had by all!

tea party dress

c's shoes



Part II Jackpot!!!
One thing I LOVE about blogging is meeting so many wonderful new and interesting people. I have made lifelong friendships. I have been moved by so many of you. I have been inspired by you as well.

Recently I was contacted by Elissa from On My Way Home. She said she had some fabric scraps that she thought I might enjoy. I was caught off guard by such a thoughtful gesture and accepted her generous offer.

The box

Well the box arrived this week and it was, as the title of this blog implies, a jackpot! Elissa was so thoughtful, but also very intuitive! I was incredibly excited about every little item I pulled out. I took a good hour just to unload the box as I kept getting sidetracked with ideas and inspirations!

There was a package filled with paper, photos and vintage postcards.

Paper. She must have remembered that I do a lot of art with paper. I am completely excited to use this!

I loved the hilarious collection of postcards of Lawrence Welk's home! Look at that carpet!

Stickers for Cordelia.

An adorable journal. I think I will use it for my gardening notes!

japanese paper
A Japanese newspaper. I can think of a zillion ways to use this. Elissa said she uses it for wrapping paper!

Also in the box were a ton of awesome vintage patterns! Right up my alley.

fabric 2
And of course there was fabric.

fabric 1
Lots of fabric!!!
I can't wait to dig in! Thanks Elissa!!

Part III Idea for Us
Elissa's awesome gift box got me thinking. I have tons of crafting and sewing bits that I love, but can't seem to use and I am sure you do too. Wouldn't it be great to get a little mutual inspiration going? My idea is that I could gather the names and addresses of those interested in a little swap (fabric, notions, craft items, etc.) and pair everyone up. I think we could all agree upon a standard size box and then fill it up! Then we could all exchange and find new inspiration...what do you think? If you are interested please email me---my email address can be found on my profile page.


Susan S said...

I love your idea! Count me in!

Kirsten said...

I love that lettuce hat! Its rad.
I am not a crafter :( But it sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of your friend's tea party. Now if only I had a little girl so I can go to one too!
The box idea is great, wish you luck on that one, sadly, I have no scraps to give away...

AKM said...

The hat! And the dress! And the curls! And the purse! SQUEE! Those pictures made my day. (And you looked lovely as well, Mama.)

Yeah, sadly, I am not crafty (yet?) so I don't have anything to give away. If others participate and send pictures and such, I would love to see them, of course!

Kate W. said...

I would love to participate, too, Maria!! Can do paper crafting or sewing/fabrics, whichever, or both!

AKM, loved your SQUEE!! I've often thought that about Cordy, just couldn't put it into words! LOL! Now I can! :)

A tea party -- how fun! You both look most beautiful.

Rachel said...

You have such neat ideas that are so great at including others!!!

Victoria said...

Wow! What a great idea! I'm in!! Let me know what you need. I can do fabric, patterns, some crafting and I am always needing mosaic materials. Oh..and you two girls...look dahling!!
Hope your craft show is going swimmingly!!

lil songbird mama said...

what a cutie you have!! love the dress up tea party...
love your craft box idea!

elizabeth said...

oh! you lucky gal! :)
i've been on the receiving end of an elissa box, too. so. much. fun! i've been using bits of it here and there ever since.

i hope you have a happy tuesday!

sophie said...

That dress is just - WOW! And the hat - goodness, what a fabulous outfit!

On my way Home... said...

so glad you enjoyed all the goodies! it is fun and at the same time surreal to see things I recognize on someone else's blog. :)

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