Monday, October 17, 2011

Art Opening

A few weeks ago Eric was asked to be a juror for an art show. We have always been on the other side, so it was a nice change for him to try something new.

gallery night
Not sure what is up with the gargantuan wine bottle there...

Saturday night the show opened. We had free tickets and my parents were willing to hang out with Cordelia for a couple of hours so we could make our appearance.

gallery night 3
Can you find me?

The show was great, located at a little bistro by the river. The artists ran the gamut from seasoned pros to first timers. Eric and I particularly loved the guy who came in 2nd place, his first art show. He had no idea how the art world is, just came in jeans and a t-shirt with his family and had his photo taken in front of his work. He seemed so genuinely excited by the positive response his work got.

We enjoyed a glass of wine. Chatted with some friends and before you knew it we were heading home. Short and sweet. Just the way we like it.


Eric after the opening
My husband

Me at the opening
C'est moi

How was your weekend? Do anything awesome?


Kate said...

What an elegant evening.

elizabeth said...

it looks like you and eric had a lovely time. :)

i'm sure miss c. and her grandparents did as well. :)

happy monday to you.

Victoria said...

I love judging shows. I get so excited and involved in the critique...but, of course, you know that! You both looked "smashing"
The weekend was spent mosaic-ing, "like the wind" to quote a new friend of mine!

Kirsten said...

You both look great! I wish my family lived closer.

Susan said...

Dad and I had a fun time with Miss Cordelia!

Emily said...

Fun night! And you look gorgeous, as usual.

AKM said...

I love your outfit; I love turquoise/teal and black together. You've inspired me to take the time and get out there and do something cultural! :-)

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