Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Monster Blog

OK I am going to lay it out straight for you....I took a lot of photos this weekend. We have had a wonderful Halloween weekend and I promise to show you no more than 10% of the photos I have taken. Regardless, this is still a MONSTER BLOG (please read this dramatically, even in your head...perhaps a booming voice with an echo), and so very fitting considering that it is in fact Halloween! So, loosen your belt because you are about to be served a heaping dish of MONSTER BLOG!

Saturday we got ready for two Halloween parties. A big step up from last year's events of nothing and nothing else. We prepped our costumes, planning to go as a family theme, but when Cordelia requested her pirate dress (again) we relented and let her do her own thing.

Here is a hint....

Mime Eye

We went as mimes. The costumes were a cinch, but who knew that white make-up would be such a hassle. We finally figured it out and piled into the car for our parties. I mentioned to Eric that it sounded like the beginning of a bad joke, two mimes and a pirate get into a compact car...

family miming
Family miming

Maria Mime
Trapped in a box and pull the rope were the only moves in my mime bag.

Eric mime
Eric had a few special mime moves too.

Eric and Cordelia
Mimes and pirates living together in harmony

We went to our two parties. Cordelia was frightened by most of the night...she was not a fan of strangers in costume, but she recovered quickly and we spent the rest of our evening miming and playing with gourds (don't ask).

Sunday Cordelia and I attended a hayride. We had a marvelous time! I can't wait for next year.


We drove out of town a bit to a family farm. The day was surprisingly warm, about 60F. There was hay, there were lovely people, there were a few animals (hopefully companion animals...the vegan in me is hopeful).


with Grandpa Mike
Cordelia with her Grandpa

With Grandma Sure
Cordelia with her Grandma

The hay ride was wonderful...though we did go through a strangely bright green field, everything else was the natural brown of the season.



Hay Bale photos
While we were forcing Cordelia to pose on hay bales (because we are apparently incapable of just letting a hay bale pass us by) we heard the few cows mooing. She got really excited and thought that they were calling her. She took off running toward them. When she finally arrived she exclaimed, "Hey cows. I made it!" Then she proceeded to moo at them.

cow face
I love cows. I really do.

cow toes
I mean look at those sweet feet (hooves).

Sunday night we were finally able to carve (wink) out time in our schedule to carve (you get it) pumpkins!


Today I am super excited to pass out vegan candy as I am sure that this will be the first year EVER that we have more than a couple of trick-or treaters!!!

Incidentally it also happens to be my 4 year blog anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Anniversary! It also happens to be my birthday....

You look great as mimes, and letting Cordelia "do her own thing" is very "big" of you two!

Rachel said...

Happy 4 years of blogging!!! Your little girl is too cute!! I love how she announced to the cows she had arrived!

Keia said...

Happy 4th and Happy Halloween! Nice costumes, it is ironic because the hubs also dressed up as a mime :)

Emily said...

Congrats on 4 years of blogging! What an accomplishment. And I think Pirates and Mimes make a great combination.

blessedmama said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog, and I love it! What a darling family you have. I love how Cordelia is sticking up her leg like her mime-parents. I bet that would be a good joke about the two mimes and a pirate - we'll have to work on that one. I love the innocence of that age when they think the cows are calling just for them. Who know? Maybe they were!

Kate W. said...

I love cows, as well, and still moo at them (my mama taught me that. Have know idea why, but there ya go) . Happy blogiversay -- 4 years is awesome! I'm hopeful I will be there someday. Great costumes, BTW, really fits you guys -- very artsy! :) Also, what is vegan candy? Just had to ask! Happy Halloween!

Victoria said...

Haha! Love your compromise to "not too scary" costumes! Very cute..and gypsy Cordelia mugging for the camera, priceless!! The cows knew who they were talking too!! Happy 4th blog year! Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Susan said...

I absolutely LOVE the family mime picture!

Maria Rose said...

Kate W. vegan candy is simple, anything with no animal products---no dairy and gelatin are the big ones to hunt for. There are tons of things that are accidentally vegan!

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