Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unexpected Beauty

I am one of those weird people who gives really strange and specific compliments like, "I really love the bump in your nose," or "I think the shape of your neck is beautiful." Sometimes I fear that I freak people out with these types of compliments (so I try to hold myself back from creeping out random strangers), but I really do enjoy finding unanticipated loveliness. The search for unexpected beauty is not limited to giving people weird compliments, but seems to be something of an eternal hunt for me. Perhaps it is a configuration of sticks on the ground, a way that a person has of talking, anything really. Do you do that?

Of course I find normal things beautiful as well, but it seems that I am always on the hunt for things that are beautiful on their own terms. Perhaps it all began during the tender junior high years when I couldn't really look at myself, o0r anyone else, as one completed piece without feeling insecure about everything (ahh 13 was wonderful); so I had to find small bits to appreciate like my hands or my elbows. Maybe it has something to do with interest in wabi sabi. Who knows? I am not feeling particularly introspective at the moment so we shall just let the mysterious origins remain intact today.

Here are some moments of unexpected beauty that I have happened to photograph lately...


cow tail



Where have you found unexpected beauty lately?


Kate said...


Susan said...

Ha! I took photos of those same pipes. At the time I remember thinking, "Why am I taking pictures of these pipes?" I just thought they looked cool.

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