Friday, October 14, 2011


I draw my inspiration to create----everything from arts, crafts, meals, clothes, and so on--- from many different directions. From people, places, thoughts, moments, memories, blogs, books, websites, dreams, objects, nature, etc.

Today I thought I would share a few of my inspirations and I hope that you might share with me some of your inspirations.

Nature always inspires me. I love this photo taken by Eric while we were in NC earlier this year. I am inspired by the vibrant color, next to the muted colors of the forest floor. I love the gradation of color on the cap of the mushroom. I am inspired by the texture and the sense of motion---you can see where the mushroom pushed up through the pine needles.

old photo
I love this old postcard of a place and time I will never know. Postcards and letters always get my creative juices flowing. I love to imagine the person who purchased this image. What made them buy it? Did they have a great visit? If there is writing on the back I love love love to read it and wonder about the relationship between the two people. If there is no writing on the back I imagine that the buyer was just grabbing a little memento of a special time, to keep for themselves. I just love to imagine the rest of the story.

I love a good memory for inspiration. Maybe it is just a feel or a mood, the light, the sounds. My mind just sort of softens it all into a generalization with only, perhaps, a few crystal clear bits and pieces.

Old cameras! Don't you love them? Eric and I have a small collection of them. I am so drawn to the lens as an eye to the past. Who has looked through the lens of a given camera, what were they looking at? Where are the photos that were taken with the camera, like little orphan children out there in the world.

Where do you find inspiration?


Susan said...

Nature is always a good inspiration. I also get especially inspired by creations of others.

side note: my word verification is "preworm"... what comes before the worm? Is it a little worm embryo?

Victoria said...

I am inspired by nature, flowers, birds, natural objects, but in a "macro" sense. I like changing the point of view...seeing a common object in a completely different way

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