Saturday, October 15, 2011

Think Spring?

bulbs 1

Today I am thinking spring. I know, I know, we have a looong winter ahead of us, but now I am thinking about those first bright harbingers of spring, the tulips!

bulbs 3

As soon as the morning sun burns off the chill in the air I will head out with Cordelia and get planting!

Cordelia and bulb
Cordelia did not eat the bulb, for the record.


Do you plant tulips?


Kate said...

We want to so much! I wanted a denizen of red and yellow tulips lining our chimney garden, but the sun doesn't reach that part of the house, alas! Can't wait for pictures!

Victoria said...

...but they look good enough to eat!! I don't plant bulbs...wish I knew more about them. My mom why didn't that info pass to the next generation?

Anonymous said...

I only planted them once, I think 5 years ago, and they come up every year! Low maintenance flowers.

sophie said...

Great idea, since it's Spring time here - I suck at gardening big time (think weeds sprouting out of pretty pots, dead weeds at that!). There has to be a flower that's easy to grow like a petunia or something.

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