Friday, October 28, 2011

Little Things

I thought I might just give you a taste of some of the little things that are big for me today.

Moss found on a hike with a friend, now living in a chipped teacup.

A little girl using her imagination.

mountain through the trees
Out my front window, the mountain through the trees.

tea party
Evidence of a tea party.

Flowers from my husband, just because.

Toddler art.

brushes and spools
Paintbrushes and spools waiting to be put to use.

light through the window
Light through the window

Building a tower.

star shadows
Shadows of stars on my living room wall.

What are your little things today?


Kate W. said...

Beautiful pictures, Maria. I love how you've captured the "little things." I'm going to try that today! Watch for a future blog post!

Victoria said...

Lovely. I can't believe that Cordelia is now as big as her tower!! Love the jonesin' to make a terrarium. I have an amazing antique glass container I want to waiting to go to the big city to find plants.

elizabeth said...

i like your little things. :)
happy saturday!

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