Saturday, October 8, 2011

Noodles and Coversation

Last night we dropped our kids (Cordelia and Bumblebee) at my parent's house. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate living in the same town as them? Eric and I hopped into the car and headed out for a much needed date. I remember in our pre-baby days we would often speculate about how weird it was that couples would plan date nights. We wondered why they weren't spontaneous, or why every day couldn't be a date day. We get it now.


We were so thrilled for an evening to ourselves, a little time to talk and laugh and give each other undivided attention. We went out for a glass of wine (me) and beer (him) at a pub downtown. We sat in the back by the unused pool tables. We were able to talk and talk, in the background we could hear other pub goers laughing with a little more enthusiasm as the evening wore on.


After that we decided it was time to grab a bite to eat. We held hands as we walked through the rainy windy weather, mostly oblivious to it. I don't know about you, but it is the small things like holding hands that really make me happy. Usually we are toting so many things that we don't get to just hold hands. We meandered through an alley and around the corner of our small Wyoming downtown (3 blocks is the size, and not city blocks). We had a couple of dinner options...we could do Chinese or Italian. Deciding upon an Italian restaurant with a few vegan options we opened the door into the warm interior, pressing it closed against the wind and shivering as we patted ourselves to warm up. We were seated and the conversation continued to flow. We laughed,we had a great time--it was wonderful. We both ate approximately our own weight in noodles and veggies.

Finally we paid our bill and went out to the car, where I received a phone call from our girl it went like this:
Me: "Hi Cordy girl."
Cordelia:" Hi Momma."
Me: "How are you doing?"
Cordelia:"Doing well."
Followed by fumbling and toddler breathing and then a hang up.

We drove through the cold and wet streets as the heater blasted. Eric tried to turn it down, but I insisted on keeping that baby cranked. He turned the vents toward me. I think he planned to smoke me out, but I basked in the heat like a cat in the sun.


We continued to talk about art and inspiration, the future, now. We were reminded of so many rainy nights that we've spent together in so many places. When we turned into my parent's driveway we were both eager to see our girl and hear what funny things she'd been up to. You can read about that (here).

How do you find time for yourself?


Tammie said...

hee hee. i love the description of cordelias phone call. little kids breath so loudly into the phone.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I think Eric has a photography rival....(unless the picture was taken by Eric, you didn't say who was driving).... that last picture of the rain with the 2 lights is absolutely breath-taking!
I would love to get a print of that and frame it!

Victoria said...

Holding hands it the BEST!

singlemama said...

sounds like a lovely night!

ps: I love holding hands.

Maria Rose said...


Eric did take that photo! You could certainly contact him about the print. Contact him through

He also has an amazing photography site, scroll down on my sidebar for a link!

Emily said...

Is that the Wonderbra? I mean bar? I'm so glad you had a nice night. It sounded lovely.

Maria Rose said...

Yes Emily, we were at the Wonderbra!

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