Monday, November 14, 2011

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

Sometime in August Eric and I were approached about decorating a local home for the Holiday Home Tours that happen in our community. We have this [sometimes stupid] mantra of just say yes and figure it out later, when it comes to artistic opportunities.

When we agreed to the project we were under the impression that the event was to happen the weekend after Thanksgiving, but about 2 weeks ago we discovered that it was in fact this coming weekend. Normally this wouldn't have been a major cause for panic, but it just so happens that Wyoming Rose has a booth at a huge craft fair and Eric's band has a gig. So we have been scrambling a bit to ensure that no area suffers.

A little more about the Holiday Home Tour. Our community has a great group of active people and we've been fortunate enough to get plugged in with them, as a result we have been given some cool and unique artistic opportunities. The Holiday Home Tour is a fun idea. People buy tickets and get to tour some of the cool homes in our community. We were asked to give our artistic skills to the decorating of one of the homes. This year the event has a Christmas Carol theme. We were asked to decorate a home with the Christmas Past theme, but with our own artistic flair.

So on Friday we were given access to the home to really check it out at let our ideas gain some ground. The house is great. We have tons of ideas and we have jumped right in. Since I am also scrambling to complete some projects for the craft fair I decided to focus my effort this weekend on creating new art for the Holiday Home Tour, dedicating the rest of my creative time this week to the craft fair. It's a balancing act people. Anyway, I busted out a ton of art in a very short time period...

First I made several silhouettes (a talent I discovered about 5 years ago) with a Christmas Carol theme.

silhouette 1
Scrooge and a Christmas Tree

silhouette 2
Cratchit with Tiny Tim and Scrooge

silhouette 3
Candle and Jacob Marley

blowing out the paper candle
Cordelia is blowing out the candle....I think you can see the intensity of the effort in this photo.

With the silhouettes ready I decided that I should make some sculptures that wouldn't really steal the show, but would add a little handmade flair to our decorating. So I got to sculpting. I wasn't too keen on creating a bunch of clay birds as I don't want to become that lady that only makes clay birds, but I knew I could do them well and quickly so I busted out 8 of them.

We have a complete plan for the decorating of the home and I even got a little craft fair stuff done. So, I solider on this week to complete all tasks to the best of my ability.


Roxanne said...

Wish I was there to help! Hope Cordelia has a lot of patience for her parents this week....

Maria Rose said...

Thankfully Cordelia has been pretty oblivious, much of the effort has been during her sleep times. Either that or I try and incorporate her in the process, you know letting her draw while I work. She also played with clay while I sculpted. I think she is enjoying it.

Kirsten said...

Good luck with everything! You will need a glass of wine at the end...for sure :)

Victoria said...

Ooooo, you have the energy of ten people!!! Love the artwork, very cool idea to do the silhouettes, as they are so Victorian period just like Scrooge! Love the birds of course...more magenta tails? Yum

Susan said...

I didn't know about Eric's gig! Yikes! Don't worry about the craft fair; it will be ok.

You silhouettes are incredible! I simply can't figure out how you can just sit there and cut out such cool and intricate designs.

Kate said...

I really love those birds. Our bedroom is tiffany blue with a bird theme, so I'm drawn to birds. I want to put together a bird cage for my jewelry, but can't quite figure out how it will work. I look forward to seeing the home!

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