Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dangerous Vegan Baking

I awoke this morning feeling bold. I thought to myself, today I will do it, today is the day that I make vegan peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. What? You don't think that's bold? You're crazy, that is enough sweet to rot your teeth if you even cast them a longing glance. So much sweet that you'll need to chug gallons of water to regain your body's natural stasis.

Perhaps I should back up a bit here. A few years ago I couldn't bake to save my life. Then I became pregnant. I knew that I couldn't be one of those mothers who picked up birthday cakes at the grocery store (didn't want to anyway) because there isn't a large selection of vegan baked goods in Wyoming. So, I decided that it was my duty as a mother to learn to bake. Coincidentally I happened to discover EnerG Egg Replacer (they should really be sponsoring me by this point don't you think?) and the Joy of Vegan Baking. Suddenly I could do no wrong.

Now I bake and I get creative. I toss ingredients in at will. Coconut, sure. Candied pecans, why not? Then I had the very unoriginal idea to combine peanut butter cookies with chocolate chip cookies. Yet, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Dare I say that it just seemed to be too much. So, for about two years I have been working up the courage to make this combo, the combo that is almost certainly tempting fate.

the evil art of cookie making

facing down the dough

When I awoke this morning I knew the time had come. Before I could talk myself out of it I dove in. I did it. I made my daughter help that bad parenting or awesome parenting? Let's not dwell on it.


I did make the cookies small, for heaven's sake. I am not without my mercy. So, are they good you ask? Yes, to be certain, but with great power comes great responsibility. I will share 98% of the cookies, getting them as far from my home as quickly as possible.


Kate said...

I bake far, far more often than any reasonable adult should and "getting them as far from my home as quickly as possible" should definitely be my motto.

Victoria said...

Brilliant AND Awesome! I loooove that Cordelia gets to help!

Kirsten said...

What!? Your nuts, I love making cookies, the best part is eating them!!( and the raw dough)

Susan said...

They were SOOOOO delicious! I ate 3 when I got home from work last night and 2 today. I'm glad your parents taught you to share.

elizabeth said...

this is awesome parenting!
we love cookies at our house -
and i think i first made peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies when maddie was about cordelia's age - funny. i don't make them as often as i'd like to, because we tend to eat them rather rapidly when they are around. :)

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