Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decorating For Christmas

The first year that Eric and I were married we were living in Montana. Our families were, at the time, living in New Mexico. We tried to decorate for Christmas, but we were poor and young. The effort was pretty sad. I remember feeling so lonely for my family tradition on that day. There was no John Denver and the Muppets record playing (something that I'd had since childhood), no familiar decorations, no family members. Our tree was small and sad, I think it cost $6 at Big Lots.

Over the years we got a little bit better, but not much. We held onto that little tree because renters have no place to store a fake tree and people who own compact cars have no business strapping trees to their roof. So, we moved forward with our own strange tradition, but it never really felt right. Last year I dreamed that by the next Christmas we would have a home of our own and we could do it up right, making a family tradition of our very own and a magical Christmas for our little girl.

So, now that we do own a home we finally did it right! We blasted John Denver and the Muppets and set up Christmas and started a new family tradition of our own.

Eric setting up a tree
Eric set up the tree and strung the lights.

Cordelia got to hang the less fragile ornaments.

E in the ornament



hanging an ornament

Our tree was completed.

We turned down the lights and sat on the couch (tradition taken from my family) and admired our work.

Team W
Team W

Decorating with Dad
Eric helped Cordelia decorate her own little Christmas tree, the one that once seem so sad got to shine as a toddler tree.

Cs decorating style
Cordelia had an interesting method for hanging her ornaments

Cs tree

Do you have a Christmas decorating tradition?


Anonymous said...

Cordelia with her very own tree!

I wonder how many parents will start that tradition after reading this?

sara said...

beautiful tree! and i love the idea of giving cordelia her own little tree to decorate!

Stacy said...

How fun!! Lovely tree and fun memory making with Cordelia!

Tammie said...

lucy likes to bunch up ornaments like that too. i always find myself rearranging them after she leaves the room. maybe i should get a tabletop tree for her so she can decorate it as she pleases.

Kate said...

My 1st christmas with my son was much like yours with Eric. I was beyond broke and it was only the two of us. We decorated with colorings and I sang non-stop to fill the silences. Now, we've built on those minute things I could do then and our house is filled, filled, filled. I did the best i could alone and without money, then, but am so happy we have more resources {and people} in our family now.

Susan said...

It still makes me sad to think of that first Christmas you were away. We missed you, too! I love that your tiny little tree is now Cordelia's sweet little tree. I'm also glad that John Denver and the Muppets lives on in your tradition as well.

Pam Brewer said...

We MUST eat caramel corn while decorating the tree. (Started this tradition with my boys.)

Rachel said...

Happy first Christmas in your new home!!

alissa said...

The little blue hat is gorgeous!

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