Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgving 2011

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the U.S., a holiday whose origins we collectively choose to ignore and instead focus on family time and gratitude. The day was super laid back. I didn't start cooking until early afternoon (tofurkey only takes 1 1/2 hrs to cook).

Bumblebee had to enjoy the view from within a cone, she just has a small wound not to worry.

My mother had to work a night shift at Hospice (she's a nurse) the night before and spent her morning catching up on sleep. So I made dinner and invited the family over for a feast.
On the menu: tofurkey, butternut squash stuffing, rolls, potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, corn, olives and pickles (family tradition), some roasted veggies, pinwheels. For dessert my mother had made a couple of pies the day before. It was a vegan feast with plenty left for today!

Cordelia smiling(?) for the camera

The dinner table.

grabby girl
Cordelia was a bit more interested in the candles and pumpkins on the table than in eating the food.

little hands
Little hands are so busy

mes parents
My parents


Cordelia and I

I assure you that Eric was present as well, but he was behind the camera and I forgot to steal it to take a picture of you'll just have to imagine that part.

We had a lovely day with family and now I am ready to start decorating for Christmas.

Hope you had a great day also!


affectioknit said...

What a lovely day! We're going to get our tree today too...

Anonymous said...

Our next door neighbour put up their Christmas tree 2 days after Hallowe'en! Whatever!

Emily said...

The butternut squash stuffing sounds really yummy! Nice work, Chef! :)

Kate said...

I told my SONshine how Thanksgiving came about, how many women vs. men were there and the subtle (and less peaceful) reasons for the original "holiday", then when it was adopted nationally and why. When I finished, proud of my closet-homeschooling-mom moment, unimpressed, he glared at me and said, "I think it's about being THANKful, Momma." He showed me.

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