Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How it Went

Yesterday morning the sun was shining, but it was cold and snowy outside. So we resigned ourselves to a day of indoor entertainment. Cordelia decided to put some extra effort into her ensemble. She chose leggings with striped socks pulled up and over them, purple shoes, a pony shirt with jacket over the top. I thought that was enough and then she broke into the scarf box. She insisted on wearing one scarf on her head, one around her shoulders and one around her waist.


When I pulled out the camera to snap a picture I asked her to stand up and she said, "Nope, I'm just laying down." How could I argue with that?

Then it was snack time. I pulled out some sesame rice crackers, hummus (she is nuts about hummus), and juice. We went down to the basement for snack time.

Bumblebee really, really wanted some chips. This desperate longing went on for quite some time. She would inch her chin onto the table and just gaze.

Cordelia then decided to aggressively hug her best friend.
Things got out of hand with the hugging, becoming more akin to strangulation with kisses. I warned her that time out was imminent and yet the assault continued. So, I took the little gypsy girl upstairs and placed her into the time out chair, emphasizing the reason she was in time out and that she was not to put her feet on the floor for any reason.

So she did this...completely unremorseful, the shame.

Finally she hung off the front of the chair, feet hanging just above the ground, laughing hysterically and so proud of her clever little joke.
I broke the cardinal rule of successful discipline and began laughing too. I tried to turn away and hide it, but she knew. So, I gathered myself together and instructed her to go and apologize to Bumblebee. She did, squatting down at eye level she said, "Sorry for being crazy Bee." Then she gave her a peace offering, covering her with a scarf.


And that is how it went yesterday. How did it go for you?


Roxanne said...

So Eric's thrifty find $4.00 chair became the time out chair!

Put to good use! Not very effective though ... too bright and cheery!

singlemama said...

she's gorgeous...

Susan said...

I'm laughing out loud!

AKM said...

Bwahaha! I love it when they learn how to become little tricksters! Hee hee. And you gotta love a little lady who definitely knows her own sense of style. Fabulous!

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