Saturday, November 19, 2011

More than Halfway Done!

We survived yesterday! Eric and I decorated the home (not ours) for the holiday home tour event. Cordelia joined us and was perfectly well-behaved. She hung out and watched a few videos on the portable DVD player. Our friend Rachel also helped us to decorate it as well.

Cordelia braving the boredom
She did reach a point where boredom set in...then the Christmas tree was set up and she rallied.

quick look at the tree

Eric and I split our duties and worked together perfectly, as is our general practice.

Eric setting up

We wrapped it up around lunch time (photos to come on Monday!) and were ready to hit the road.

Next it was onto the craft fair where my mother had lugged in everything and set it up by herself! I took over, sent her off to nap with Cordelia. Eric hunted down some food and had to duke it out (verbally) with the security guard for bringing in outside food. I was so thankful that he was able to get me the food as I was near my starvation point.

For the rest of the afternoon I tried my best to be a saleswoman, but when Cordelia arrived and started wearing the merchandise she proved to be the most adorable saleswoman and boy oh boy did she deliver a cute show! When we walked the circuit people would stop to ask where she'd gotten the poncho she was wearing and I'd happily direct them to our booth!

At the fair 3

At the fair 1

Finally we all re-grouped at the craft fair. My mom stayed to finish off the last bit of the fair for the day. My crew went in search of food and then headed to the Holiday Home Tour event as the snow began to accumulate. We did the walking tour of the open houses and then headed home for a the night. I was exhausted, but so happy that all had gone according to plan.

Now we have one more day of craft fair and we need to break down the set-up this afternoon when the Holiday Home Tour is taken down.


Roxanne said...

Although it was probably busy, you probably had a wonderful time doing everything you did today! congratulations for a job well done, looking forward to seeing the pictures!

Roxanne said...

To Quote: "Eric hunted down some food and had to duke it out (verbally) with the security guard for bringing in outside food"

There probably wasn't much food for you guys to eat there anyways, (being non-healthy and meat-based? )so have to bring outside food. Would the security guard have had the same reaction if you brought your lunch from home? What if you had an allergy or intolerance?

singlemama said...

I like it!

Carmen said...

Wow that is alot of work. Kudos to you guys for getting it all done! I look forward to the photos :)

Kate said...

You must feel so satisfied! Maria- 5, Time-0. Or something to that effect. Craft fair looked fun.

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