Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Car Family

We are a one car family, happily and by choice. We pay for gas, insurance and maintenance on one vehicle. The choice to be a one car family was deliberate. We save money for sure, but most importantly we end up spending more time together. Some days I drop Eric off at work so that I can run some errands. I try to limit the drop off to once or twice a week, but I do really enjoy the extra half hour in the mornings with Eric while we drive to work.

Watching the ride
Cordelia, looking out the window as we drive along

We load up in the car and head out as Eric works out of town a bit. We get to leave the city (that's a joke, there are no cities in Wyoming) and get to see a bit of nature.
wind in the trees

clouds and mountain

Eric and I talk about our plans, or whatever is on our minds. Cordelia will chatter for a bit and then grow silent as she enjoys the drive.

tree in wind

The car ride together gives us another opportunity to connect on those days that can be so busy. Sure, having two cars could be more convenient in some instances, but for us it would just get in the way. So, that is why we are a one car family.


Kate said...

You're such an interesting family.

elizabeth said...

when it was just ben and i, we only had one car. i loved it. now - with him working 10 hour days and sometimes an hour away from home . . . and needing to pull a big trailer . . . it wouldn't work. but i miss it. so glad you realize how precious that time is - even in the car on the way to work. :)

Mirthilla said...

Hi Maria, thank you for visiting my blog =) I love your blog, I love the pictures you take and it's always great to get to know another vegan! Hope you'll come back to my blog soon. I'll start following your blog now, hope you'll do the same! :) xx

Tammie said...

we've always been a one car family and now that im working full time we've reached the point where a second car has become a necessity. im a bit sad.

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