Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Review: January-April

January 2011 found us living in an apartment, working on our theses, preparing for a gallery show in March. Cordelia was just busy enjoying toddlerhood.

Jan 2011
Cordelia, Bumblebee and I out on a walk on a warm January day
Jan 2011-2
Eric and Cordelia enjoying a rare warm day.

Jan 2011-2
Cordelia, modeling for Wyoming Rose

Jan 2011-3
Just a sweet girl

Jan 2011-4
Eric and I also learned a bit of curling. Olympics here we come...

February 2011 was a time of more preparation. We worked hard to have fun in the midst of a very busy schedule!
Feb 2011
Family photo

Feb 2011-2
Coloring girl

Feb 2011-3

Feb 2011-4
Valentine's Day

Feb 2011-5
Valentine's Day

March 2011 was a big month for us. We had a big show, I also participated in a faculty show at the college. We started the process of buying our first home as well!

Blue coat
Cordelia began insisting on the blue coat 24/7

Our show opened

e at opening
We had a great time

We were interviewed for the paper

April 2011 we moved into our first home!!!!

Sam helped Eric and I move

dressing self
Cordelia began to take a keen interest in her ensembles.

I turned thirty.

jim jams
This photo just charms me.

We also took a trip to Durango, CO.


Anonymous said...

I like the red dress you wore on valentine's day, very chic. And you actually confessed your age ONLINE? :))

Kate W. said...

You look so pretty at thirty! :) And that last photo of Cordy is priceless. Such an adorable little one.

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