Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crab-walking Lessons, Little Hats, Real and Imaginary Food

We are enjoying family time this week. My whole family is together! Yesterday the crew came over to my house for lunch only Eric was absent as he had to work.

We ate lunch and then Cordelia took whomever was willing to join her up to her bedroom and put fancy hats on them and enjoyed a tea party (with imaginary tea and cookies).

Crab walk
Ben, teaching Cordelia to crab-walk

little hat
My dad, just wearing a little flowered hat

sparkle hat
Sara, wearing the highest honor, the sparkle hat

pretending to sleep
Sam, who has been to many many tea parties, opted to feign sleep.

My mom was crocheting while the party was going down.

Later Eric and I finished up some Christmas shopping and then met my siblings and sister-in-law for dinner. My parents hung out with Cordelia and the dogs.

What are you up to? Spending time with friends and family?


Anonymous said...

Those pictures with the guys wearing hats could be used as blackmail, broohaha....
Your mom is the only one without a "hat" how come?

Maria Rose said...

I wasn't wearing a little hat either. We've both been down that road many times and will be so again!

Victoria said...

What I wouldn't give for a tea party with Cordelia. Christmas is quiet this year.

Susan said...

Yea, where was my hat? Now I feel bad.

Emily said...

I like the pic of your dad in the flower hat! What a good grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Susan, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it?

AKM said...

Yeah, Uncle Ben and Grandpa are good sports! Love it!

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