Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the Mend

We've been dealing with a sick toddler for the past few days. Cordelia has been under the weather. We had to make a trip to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon, where the doctor assured us that we were past the worst. We were relieved and went home to relax for the night. Then it got worse. Our little lady was sick, not emergency sick, but sick none-the-less.


We made it through a very long night and then in the morning I held a worn out little lady in my arms as she slept soundly for several hours. We made it through the day without anymore events (trust me they were events), just three exhausted people waiting for health to return. My mother came by with drinks to keep her hydrated, white bread and tiny crackers for a very sensitive tummy. Cordelia really loved the tiny crackers.


We just took it easy. Eric was amazingly helpful. He stayed home to help as I'd only managed to squeeze in a few hours of sleep the night before, and he wasn't much better off. We took turns snuggling the little girl. Normally she snuggles for only a few moments before she is ready to have a new adventure, but yesterday she was content to snuggle in for long stretches.

She went to bed in record time last night and slept solidly. I would occasionally creep into her room and check up to make sure all was well, but she slept soundly. When she awoke this morning it was as though the sparkle was back in her eye. She snuggled in bed with us for a bit and then she was ready to get up and play. When I asked her if she wanted to get up and get ready she said, "Will that be like a plan?" I assured her that it was indeed a plan.


So, with the resilience that only exists in the very young she is back to normal. She is back to playing and narrating every moment of her life. All is well.


Anonymous said...

So happy for all of you, and I am sure the pyjamas had something to do with the recovery! Soooo cute!

Carmen said...

I'm glad she's on the mend. Are you too? Taking care of sick little ones makes for tired Mama's. It's nice Eric was able to stay home and help out :)

Maria Rose said...

Roxanne, she actually pretends to eat the cupcakes off her pjs.

Carmen, I am still a bit tired, but happy my girl is OK and thankful that neither of us seemed to catch the bug.

Emily said...

So glad the sparkle in her beautiful eyes is back! Have fun in all your adventures today!

Victoria said...

Oh Happy News! I love that she loves a having a plan! ...girl after my own heart xoxo

Kate W. said...

So glad that sweet Cordy is feeling better, and that mom and dad didn't catch the bug! Hugs to you all!

singlemama said...

I'm glad to read that everything is ok now.

Kate said...

Dear Cordelia,
We love your cupcake Jammies.

Love, The Marlowe Family

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