Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Evening Scenes


My helper, covered in flour

measuring cups
Matryoshka doll measuring cups (from Emily)

moving art
Eric, moving a painting out of storage to hang in the den. Notice his curator gloves still hanging out of his pocket from work.

Rolls of paper for various art projects.

A well used mop. It looks kind of sad...

fresh bread
Fresh bread, cooling on the rack.

Yours truly

Generaly I blog in the mornings, but I have to hit the road first thing in the a.m. (baby check up) and I won't have time for the usual routine. So, here I am with some photos from my evening and I am blogging by lamp light. We spent the evening working on the basement. We use the area all the time, but it has been the last space in the house to get much attention. We are finally getting somewhere as far as decorating goes. There was also some cleaning, some bread baking, and a lot of laughing at a silly girl.

I am eating a warm slice of fresh bread as I type this, slathered with vegan margarine and homemade apple butter (thanks to our friends Simon and Rachel). How do you spend your evenings?


Allen said...

Have a lovely baby check up.

Emily said...

That bread looks delicious!

AKM said...

I spend my evenings at class or at my practicum. I love it, but I'm exhausted. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I spend all of my "evenings" sleeping, as I work the midnight shifts! So by 4-5 pm (while most have their supper in the oven so to speak) I am in dream land ZZZZZZZ!

Victoria said...

...evenings spent watching the sunset with my man, my pups and a cocktail (ideally, while my perfectly prepared dinner is cooking itslf ;)

Tammie said...

i love those matryoshka measuring cups. i almost bought them for myself for christmas.

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