Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Resolve...

I find that people are either for or against resolution making. I am for it. I do it constantly, year round. Eric and I are big on finding areas that need growth or just areas of interest that we want to nurture in ourselves. I have something of an ongoing list. You can call it New Year's Resolutions if you like, but mostly it is just my most current list of goals.

  • I resolve to learn how to make a wicked vegan pie. I am now a confident vegan baker, but pies really freak me out. I need to get over that.
  • I resolve to complete ongoing projects (don't laugh).
  • I resolve to make the best garden ever...which will translate into preserving, canning, jam making, etc.
  • I resolve to make awesome bread. So far my bread has always been fine, but not fantastic. I am looking for the perfect vegan bread. Do you have that recipe?
  • I resolve to get our piano up from NM.
  • I resolve to make time for myself each and every day, even if it is only 10 minutes.
  • I resolve to continue my yoga practice.
  • I resolve to sending my novel off to publishers.

Cordelia and I

Mostly though I resolve to cherish this very special time in my life. The time where I am a mother of one (plus one the size of a lime). I resolve to spend my days playing, eating cookies, learning and using our imagination. I resolve to prepare this girl for the thrill of being a big sister and to feel confident enough that she won't be overwhelmed by the change that faces her in this year.

Cookie eating

What are your goals for the year, week, month?


Emily said...

I agree to pie making. Let's do it!

singlemama said...

I don't have any special plans. except perhaps living mindfully :-)

but I like your list.

Anonymous said...

I resolve to be happy and stress-free this year. To not let every little bitty thing bother me.

AKM said...

Is it the actual whole-pie thing or just the pie crust that's intimidating? Sarah K's coconut pie -- I forget which cookbook -- is to die for! It's like a yummy vegan chess pie but with coconut! I strongly urge you to start with that one. ;-)

My 2012 goals:
1. Cancelling cable. I was going to get internet instead, but it's almost as expensive. Oh well, I can get the internet at work, Mom's, or my brothers. No cable saves $67 a month!
2. Switching to a checking account with cash back. I figure 1% back is better than 0% back!
3. Crossing off one or two local/cheap/easy items on my bucket list, which I made on New Year's Day. It's a pretty simple list. Most traveling.
4. Sticking to my carefully-allotted budget so that I can pay off my two smallest debts this year.
5. Keeping my 4.0 as I continue grad school.
6. Officially joining a religious community with which I'm involved.
7. Reading the entire Bible. (I admit I'm already behind! Luckily each daily "chunk" is fairly short, so I can catch up this weekend, LOL!)

These of course are yearly goals. I'm toying with the idea of making a monthly list, too.

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