Saturday, February 11, 2012

Small Moment in the Library

I am currently at the college library, waiting on a student who wanted to meet this morning. The clock is ticking on and I am beginning to get the distinct impression that I have been stood up. I am listening to the heavy breath of the heater blowing through this enormous building. One library staffer is giving another a lesson on the job. There are a few students scattered quietly about. Mostly is extremely calm and warm in here, like a book encrusted womb.

tree in snow

I suppose I should be frustrated. I have a zillion things going on right now, but I am taking this to be a forced opportunity to slow down and do a little deep breathing. I have spent the past couple of weeks moving at a breakneck pace, trying to meet a variety of deadlines and now here I sit with nothing to do.

So as I type this I am looking out the library window at the freshly fallen snow, taking a moment to breathe and collect myself. Soon enough I will give up on the student and head back out, but hopefully this tiny moment will help me to face this fast paced day with a little calm that I may not have had without this moment to myself.

How do you collect yourself when things get crazy?


Tammie said...

"book encrusted womb".....Beautiful!

singlemama said...

I think you spent your time in a wonderful way. :)

Stacy said...

Sounds like a good breather.... I'm with you on the focused breathing and gentle acceptance of the quiet around you. And knitting. Knitting works too.

AKM said...

I loved ""book encrusted womb" as well! Libraries are just...*SIGH* If mine were a nice Catholic boy, I'd marry it.

When I need to collect myself, I do yoga stretches and try to think of nothing for five minutes. If I have a little more time, a cup of tea helps, too.

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