Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Surprise Date

Yesterday was a lovely day. Cordelia and I spent lunch with my parents and youngest brother. We came home and Cordelia took a nap. While she slept I sipped on my decaf soy latte and did some work, occasionally texting my husband sweet or ridiculous notes (I do this every day--not just on Valentine's Day). Shortly after Cordelia woke up I received a text from Eric suggesting that I get dressed up. I assumed that we'd be having a fun dress up night at home.

So I wandered upstairs and looked down at my burgeoning belly and into my closet filled with adorable fitted dresses and sighed; I'll see those dresses again in the fall. I pulled out my cutest and most comfortable maternity dress. I got dressed and put a red flower in my hair, matched my lipstick and jewelry.

Cordelia realized that I was getting dressed up and wanted to join in the fun. She chose her outfit which mostly worked (see pictures and read about her evening here). Just then we heard the telling sound of the garage door opening as Eric pulled in from work. He came upstairs and revealed that he had a surprise date for us and that we had to hit the road. He had arranged for my mother to watch Cordelia (Don't worry she and my father had pre-celebrated Valentine's Day). Cordelia was thrilled with the arrangement.

We were out of the house in a flurry. We dropped Cordelia off with my kind mother and were out the door and headed to some unknown destination. I had no idea where we were headed or what we would do and I loved it. I so rarely have the opportunity to be surprised by things, so this was quite a treat!


We ended up at a candlelit Italian restaurant downtown. Eric had made reservations in advance and even had them deliver a rose to me at the table...such a romantic!


We had a lovely evening. We talked. We watched the other couples, young and old. We ate too much food. We chuckled about our very overwhelmed waiter. It was wonderful! I was completely caught off guard by his sweet and thoughtful gesture, it made my day!

Looking for the waiter

Wedding band

Mr. Smiles McGee

Smiles McGee


After dinner we picked up a bouquet of orange tulips for my mother (just her style) and Eric had to get Cordelia a little gift as well and went to pick up our little Valentine. We went home and finished off a relaxing evening. Cordelia snuggled with her father for a bit before bed. Then he and I spent some more time talking before I had to call it a night. Couldn't have asked for a more lovely day!


Allen said...

He is a romanitic!!

AKM said...

What a charming evening! You both look wonderful. I'm glad you had such a lovely time!

singlemama said...

lovely :)

Kate said...

When I was pregnant with my son {who, by the by, has changed his name} I had to "audition" as a server with an exclusive restaurant on St. Valentine's Day. I had bronchitis and was very thin, so was already showing at 3 months {well, I had a tummy, anyway.} The owner {who is Polish} told me at the end of the night she admired how hard I worked and how I struggle to keep up with the details of the diners' night and the restaurant's standards, but that I couldn't again wear the Italian-style apron because I was chubbier than my fellow servers. I will never forget that busy, overwhelming night. I feel for your waiter, but am happy you two got a night to yourselves!

Roxanne said...

We didn't go out yesterday, I had to work. But we are going out today, better late than never!

Carmen said...

What a nice evening!

Emily said...

What a fun night! I love surprises like that.

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