Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Warm Day of the Year

Yesterday was the first warm day of the year. Sometimes in Wyoming we claim 35 degrees to be warm, but yesterday it was really lovely. The temp was in the high 50sF. The sun was shining and the winter winds seemed to have taken a break. Cordelia, Bumblebee and I couldn't resist ourselves--we spent hours and hours outside enjoying the day.

We donned our snow boots as the shadows still harbored a bit of snow and the ground was soaking wet. We played, we started about the business of picking up our yard which has remained largely untouched for the winter months. We picked up sticks and leaves and righted overturned lawn ornaments. Cordelia found some half buried dinosaurs (not real dinosaurs, she's advanced, but not that advanced). We just sat and enjoyed this first warm day.

Cordelia was very helpful with the wheelbarrow.

B on table
Bumblebee followed the sunlight around the yard, finding the best reception on our table.

new growth
Oh, and there is new growth starting. Hints of green and purple poking up from the still cold earth.

Sitting on stairs
Cordelia's hair styled by Wyoming Wind--while it was taking a break from hurricane force winds it was still present.

Looking up
Food on her face...well, I claim responsibility for that one.

Sitting on step
Taking it all in

They're Cones
Found treasures




Of course there will be more snow in the weeks (months?) to come, but we will savor each day spent outside soaking up the sun. How is it where you are?


Kate said...

Such a beauty, Cordelia is. I love these pictures.

Maria Rose said...

Thanks Kate!

Emily said...

I hope to get some time in my front flower beds today too. The weeds have decided to multiply like wildfire. It is sunny and in 50's here this morning, but a storm is supposed to be moving in later this afternoon bringing clouds and rain throughout the rest of the day and all day tomorrow. Guess I better get to moving! :)

Victoria said...

Cold and dreary today...looking for 70's by end of week..yay!!

Anonymous said...

It snowed last night but it's getting warm out, snow is melting and it's time to play outside like you and Cordelia!

Ngo Family Farm said...

Lovely! We're enjoying a stretch of warm days here, too! Can't resist the draw to be outdoors :)

sara said...

Love the pic of Bumblebee sunbathing. I have seen many cats do that, but never a dog. It is stormy here but supposed to be nice in a couple days.

Court said...

I started to get mad and say: hey! It's cold here! When of course I was meaning 45 degrees... that's freezing in Texas! Glad y'all are getting some nicer weather, makes jumping around a lot funner!

Bettina said...

Love Cordelia's curls. Lovely photos.

Carole said...

Nice blog. You may have seen this quote about the little things.. but just in case.

sophie said...

Great photos. I know that feeling of warm weather after so much cold, makes you feel alive again!

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