Friday, March 9, 2012

Project: Initial Your Front Door

We have a certain habit of putting the first letter of our last name everywhere. Last summer Cordelia and I built a W out of rocks in our garden. There was the W on our Christmas tree...and well the glitter W that currently hangs in our guest room. So, in continuing with our theme I decided that we needed to let our neighbors know the first letter of our last name, by proudly hanging it from our front door. You could easily adapt this process to fit your own name.


You will need:
  • One letter-form. I used a thick cardboard W that was on sale for $1 at our local craft shop.
  • Yarn in the color of your choosing. Great opportunity to use up leftover yarn.



  • Hold your letter of choice.
  • Start wrapping, you could start rapping too---but probably best to keep that to yourself.
  • When you get to tricky parts just do a little creative wrapping.I found that the bottom of the W was most difficult for me so I went over it both vertically and horizontally with my wrapping.
  • When you are done tie it off and tuck the yarn into the folds.
  • You can tie a little loop of yarn for hanging or use an S hook if you'd prefer.
  • Hang your letter from a wreath hanger, nail, your doorknob, wherever you choose.
  • Optional: You could embellish this project with buttons, pins, etc. to make it more personalized.



Anonymous said...

Looks great, love the colors! If you hang it upside down it'll be M for Maria!

Kate said...

My husband and I have different last names, and often he simply uses mine to make things easier. When we were in NOLA last summer, we met a couple who also held their different last names. The woman tended to take care of all matters financial, and as a consequence, bills were under Mr. and Mrs. Her Last Name. She thought this hilarious; he, not so much.

Victoria said...

Cool...or should I say, supercool ;)

Emily said...

Looks great! I think W is a pretty letter. G is funny looking to me, but I might give it a try anyway. I like the look of S and L too. Am I weird to think letters are "pretty"?

Carmen said...

Love it :) We used to have a door knocker that said "Established 2002" (the year we were married) :) When we switched out our door it was never put back up. This reminds me I need to find a home for it somewhere :)

PS. I love the story about Miss C and the string, and that you played along :)

Bettina said...

Love these colors - my favourites! Think I will do something similiar for the little boy's room.

Tammie said...

i love this idea. i saw something similar on pinterest where they used the letters to spell out words and i almost did it but then i couldn't decide what word to spell it.

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