Friday, March 30, 2012

The State of Things

This morning I have plans and projects, but so far I have just been wandering around the house looking at the little details of my life. Hoping to burn these moments into my memory. Then I thought, oh yeah I have a blog I don't need to remember here I put it, just a glimpse into this day, this morning, this mood.

bowl of cuties





Sun on curtain



What is the state of things at your home?


Clare said...

Okay, I have always said that my ideal job would be either finding (and naming) the perfect pet for people, and/or getting to name other people's children for them. I have not been hired yet, but I suddenly had a name suggestion for your new little one (not that you need one, I'm sure.) But harkening back to Cordelia (who's name appears in the Anne of Green Gables books), I suddenly thought of Anne's daughter, and heroine of the last Anne book "Rilla of Ingleside", named for her adoptive mother, Marilla. And I thought how lovely that sounded with your name, Maria. Maria, Codelia, and Marilla. There. Now I've said it.(: Lovely morining post, as a fellow vegan, and mama, your blog is my favorite.

Maria Rose said...

Oh Clare, that is such a beautiful name! I LOVE it and would seriously consider it if we hadn't already chosen a name (and told it to Cordelia).

Anonymous said...

Today I have an easy day. On my computer playing Lexolus(scrabble game) on facebook, and just plain loafing around. I hope your day is a good one and I can hardly wait until the new baby's name is revealed!

Victoria said...

A "not at home" day for me...hairdresser,bank,optometrist, passport photo,other bank,lunch,and finally, a six-pack of Ranger! TGIF!

Kirstens Kitchen said...

Nice morning full of light. What is that plant? I really like it :)You choose a name!? Is it top secret? :P

Maria Rose said...

WE did settle on a name...but won't be announcing online until she is born.

I think the plant is called a crassula, but I think there are a few varieties of crassula. It is a succulent with a woody stem. I love succulents, they are so hard to kill!

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