Friday, April 20, 2012

The Great Procrastinator

Every couple of weeks Eric and I take a little time to get ourselves motivated in whatever direction we need. This past week Eric and I had one of those good conversations and I was all pumped up to get things done. You see I have several areas that just need some attention. Of course there are the areas of my life that always take priority---family and art. I can go along procrastinating about the less desirable tasks for only so long before I just need to get it done. Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done in a timely manner?

Anyway, Eric and I got all pumped up this weekend and I was ready to whip myself into shape. I envisioned the end result to be a life of order and perfect harmony---which is totally my style (in my imagination). Then there was a spring cold and my birthday and work and other little excuses kept piling up and my enthusiasm was waning by yesterday. However, I awoke this morning to a beautiful sunny day and my motivation has returned. So I am going to ride this wave and get some things accomplished.

I have been keeping up with the daily tasks and chores that have just become as natural to me as breathing so I can really tackle the chores that need my full attention.


I have some things that I am excited to do...planting and working in the yard. Weeding should probably happen too and with that comes a sense of guilt as I pull weeds out of the ground (you can read about my weed guilt here).

sweet girl
I get to spend the day with this girl. I have no doubt we will go for a walk and spend much of our day outside.

I also have the less desirable tasks. I need to catch up on filing. What is it about the simple act of filing that goes against every fiber of my being? I really just want to start a big bonfire inside our filing cabinet and/or aggressively hit the file cabinet with a large hammer and tear the papers apart with my teeth. Oh, was that too extreme, sorry.

mending bag
I also need to address this bag full of clothes that need mending, a button here, a quick seam repair there. All fast fixes that just need doing.

Finally, I need your help. I have been trying to settle on a color for this hutch for about a year now. I have been up and down the color spectrum. Have you got any ideas for me?


affectioknit said...

Lots of little projects...and I think a nice robins egg blue on the cabinet...

Have a lovely day!

Joe and Talsie said...

I think you should choose a "neutral color" that will make all of your unique dishes really pop. Maybe a shiny black. I am all for color, red being my favorite but determine what you really want to showcase the hutch or what you put in it. Just a thought.

Carmen said...

That's exactly how I feel about filing. I have a ridiculously large bin of it to tackle. Sigh. As for the hutch, a turquoise came to mind :)

Anonymous said...

For your cabinet....I like the robin egg blue color idea, but if I may suggest.... How about the same green of the plant pot on the right side of the top of the cabinet on the outside, and the robin egg blue on the inside behind the glass??

Allen said...

I'm sorry I love the wood look.

Kate said...

I like green, but that's my favourite colour. Also, I'm not really a visual person, so you may not want to take my suggestion. Disclaimer aside, kelly green! Or Tiffany blue. I'm a little obsessed with T.B.

Victoria said...

Paperwork can also send me into a violent thinking on the hutch...thinking something from the mid-century modern era...gray with orange inside..?? Gray with turquoise inside or a raspberry...oh, and I go back and forth between procrastination and crazed that TMI??!!!

Anonymous said...

I think a 'sky blue' would look lovely :)and a belated 'Happy Birthday' is sent you way!

E xx

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