Monday, April 30, 2012

Road Trip: Butterfly, Cloudcroft, Bowling, Family

Saturday morning Michael, my nature loving nephew, had a special treat planned for Cordelia. He had harbored a butterfly in it's coccoon until it emerged and was now ready to go. He though perhaps Cordelia would get in on the action. She was more than game.


cordelia and michael

We watched the beautiful butterfly move away to rejoin it's natural habitat. Beautiful!

Later we decided to drive up into the mountains and check out the small town of Cloudcroft (isn't that a dreamy name?). I hadn't been to Cloudcroft in nearly a decade, but I found it little changed.


The town is very small set within the piney forest. There are houses, restaurants and a main touristy strip. The air is fresh and clear and seems to vibrate with the trilling sounds of hummingbirds who frequent the abundant red feeders.


We walked around the tourist strip and checked out a few shops. Finally at noon we met up with an old high school friend and her family. We enjoyed lunch, a little play time in the park (for kids) and then a little more wandering around before we said our goodbyes.

chili peppers

We cruised back down the mountain and all the way back out to Holloman Air Force Base to bowl with our nephews. Well, I wasn't really in a bowling mood so I just offered support.


After several rounds of bowling, some dramatic gambling wins among my betting nephews and Eric's redemption (he bowled until he had a satisfactory score) we called it a day.

Eric, Cordelia and I picked up some food and headed out to have dinner and some fun time with his parents.

with grandma

with grandpa

Finally, we returned to his sister Denise's home and settled in for an evening of  playing cards and talking. The day was lovely and very full and we fell into exhausted heaps, sleeping solidly through the night.

crazy faces


Kate said...

Seriously. adorable.

Court said...

That was such a sweet gift to his cousin! I don't know that I've ever seen a butterfly come out of a cocoon, somewhat jealous.

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