Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Eric

Excuse me, but I need to interrupt this vacation with a little birthday celebration. Today is the anniversary of Eric's birth. The love of my life was born on this day 32 years ago and that is reason to celebrate!

Eric and Cordelia

Eric is truly an amazing man. I can never fully express how grateful I am that I get to spend my life with him Each and every day that we get to spend together is a gift and I do not take that for granted.

Since this is his day it only serves to reason that I should tell you a little about him as I have the inside scoop.

Eric is an inspiration. He is one of those freaky people who is always pushing to become a better version of himself. He has, in recent years, taken up Tae Kwon Do (about to get his green belt). He has taken his job so seriously that he is now quite an authority on military history. He has been in a band. He is always continuing his education (because an MA isn't enough). He writes. He makes art. He wrote his first script and is currently in the process of making his first feature length film. I could go on and on.

Eric is such a giving husband. I have never seen any man who is so supportive of his wife. He never limits his willingness to support me, he is always willing to give more of himself and I often find myself asking, "What did I do to deserve this wonderful man as my husband?"

Eric is such a good father. He is so much fun for our girl. He gives her support, encouragement, patience and limitless love. Watching him love his daughter and talk of his daughter to be is something to marvel at, just what fathers and daughters should be.

Eric is hilarious. He makes me, and anyone fortunate enough to know him, laugh and laugh and laugh.

In short I can never fully express how much I love this man and how I am filled to my brim with gratitude for the life we have lived, are living and will live together. He is truly a man worth celebrating.

Happy birthday Eric, you are the love of my life.


Anonymous said...

Eric - you have accomplished a lot in your life and thank you for being you!

Kate said...

Beautiful. Many happy returns, Eric!!

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