Friday, April 27, 2012

Road Trip: New Mexico

Now before I forget, let me answer your question about the whole "drive safe and sanitary" comment I made on my blog yesterday. You can read the story of our family lore here, at my mother's blog. Now that we have that squared away let's move on with the story of our road trip, shall we?

We left Trinidad under heavy cloud cover in the morning.  We were thankful for the clouds so we didn't have to battle road blindness. That makes me crazy and gives me a raging headache so I was pleased to avoid that. We drove through Raton Pass, which is a scary pass for the native New Mexicans, but having spent so much time up north we hardly even registered a pass at all.

e and c


Coming out of the mountains we cruised by the welcome sign for New Mexico and took in the familiar landscape. One thing about New Mexico, or really any western state, is that when you cross state lines you really can still have a long journey ahead of you. We drove through Raton, stopping briefly in the small town of Maxwell, and then down through Santa Rosa where we assembled something that passed for a vegan meal at a gas station. Note to vegans, New Mexico does not have many food options, plan accordingly.

 c and i

desert plant

e and c

We got back in the car after lunch and drove down the isolated highway from Santa Rosa all the way down to Alamogordo.Hours passed. Cordelia slept in the car seat. There were snacks, some DVD watching, singing of songs---the general stuff that accompanies family travel.  We stopped a few times along the way to stretch our legs, to take photos and of course for the seasonal road construction.



Finally, in the midst of a dust storm we made our way back to our former home of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Eric has been reunited with his family. We are staying in his middle sister's amazing home. One of our nephews (we have 7 total) has given us his room---which is quite posh. So we are feeling well cared for and happy to be here with the crew.

Have you ever been to Alamogordo? White Sands?


Anonymous said...

I haven't made it out of Canada except for the rare 3x trips to Florida to my mom's condo there! That's it really. By the way... are those your new sun glasses? It looks like the wind could take Cordelia in a jiffy!

Maria Rose said...

Roxanne, they are one pair of new glasses. I ended up with two. I also have a pair of oversize black sunglasses.

affectioknit said...

My 'baby' brother was married in Alamogordo...

Have a lovely visit with your family!

Victoria said...

OMG! You are finally here! And we are not! But soon! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!! Love Cordelia's Spring in NM wind blown look. xo

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