Monday, April 16, 2012

This and That


Cordelia on bench 2
  • Age 2 1/2
  • Last night she had a dream that a hippo and an elephant were playing
  • Wants to wear dresses every day
  • Loves music
  • Doesn't miss a thing
  • Is more able to communicate her ideas, thoughts, emotions better than many adults I know
  • Can count in French and English
  • Talks to her baby sister in my tummy
  • Loves to be outside

Cordelia on bench 1


snow on tulips

grass and snow

  • Went to bed last night it was overcast and cool
  • Awoke this morning and there was a light dusting of snow
  • I went outside in my pajamas, again, to take pictures
  • Most of it has already melted away
  • Beautiful start to a beautiful day

snowy blossoms

snow on mountain

snwo on flowers


Anne Marie said...

Cordy is looking seriously cute!

I am so jealous of that blue sky...

affectioknit said...

FUN! missing the spring snow here...

Have a lovely day!

Victoria said...

Cordelia looks so cute planted on your newly painted bench!

Susan Struck said...

Such beautiful photos!

Emily said...

Beautiful! Both nature and the little girl! :)

Court said...

That sounds like the best dream ever.

Roxanne said...

So Cordelia is wanting to wear dresses every day? She is a girl that's for sure... She matches the bench so perfectly, same color!

Rachel said...

what a lovely view!

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