Thursday, May 3, 2012

The End of the Road...Trip

Monday morning we hit the ground running. We packed up and were out the door shortly after 7am. We drove to a local restaurant to meet with Eric's oldest sister,Tina, a niece, nephew and my mother and father in-law. We ate a leisurely breakfast, chatting and enjoying our last few minutes with the family.

When we were done and all of the goodbyes were said we decided that it was time for us to head back home. We gassed up, got some coffee (decaf soy latte for me) and began the return trip home. We drove north. The first night we stayed in Trinidad again and the following morning it was Eric's birthday! So we only drove to Denver, the plan was to spend a special day in the city for Eric. He did some record shopping and had some major scores. We may or may not have stopped by Ikea. We had an amazing lunch at City O City a vegetarian/vegan restaurant downtown.

We visited a few hot spots and stopped at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Actually we arrived about 45 minutes before closing so they let us in for free, score! When traveling with a 2 year old that is a pretty good amount of time to spend in any museum.

Me with moose antlers

When we made our break from the museum we decided to take a little stroll through the park, looking at the geese, the flowers, the water.



Hugging a sweet girl in the park

When we were done at the park it was onward to dinner at Watercourse!


Oh it was just so very good. You better believe I ate every single thing on my plate. We eat at Watercourse a couple of times a year and I would be crazy to let something like a full stomach interfere with that.

After we were done eating we grabbed a couple of slices of cake to take with us to our hotel. You'd think, by the way we looked, that it must have been 3am when we rolled in to the hotel, but it was only about 8:15. We were just so far beyond exhausted. We got our room and wheeled in the bare essentials...and the cake.

We lit a couple of candles and sang Happy Birthday on the hotel bed. We ate most of our cake even though we were still digesting a very large dinner it just seemed like the birthday obligation.
While it may look kind of sad that was about all we had energy for at the time. I think it was actually kind of perfect. Soon we were fast asleep.

The following morning we woke up and hit the road, making our way back HOME!


affectioknit said...

Homecoming is the BEST!

Have a lovely day!

Susan Struck said...

Glad you had a wonderful trip...glad to have you back home!

Victoria said...

So am I to understand you are not sure if you went to IKEA?!!!!!!
Hope Eric found some great tunes. Glad you are finally home and resting. xoxox

Maria Rose said...

Well Victoria...our part of the country doesn't have an Ikea so this was my first visit and I may have embarrassingly gasped when I saw it...

AKM said...

What a fun day! Tomato coconut curry soup! Didn't you post about making it homemade once before? And I chimed in and said that those are three of my favorite flavors? Argh, now I want some! Hee hee! And what was in the wrap? (Yeah, I notice the food.)

Happy belated birthday to Mr. EKW! Glad you all had fun and made it home safely and sanitarily.

Maria Rose said...

AKM, Yes I did a post about the soup and I have a pretty excellent replica, just with less spice (Eric and Cordelia can't hang). The Donna Lee has crispy seitan, lettuce, tomato and their vegan ranch. So simple yet soooo good!

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