Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Road Trip: White Sands and Copelands

Our last full day in New Mexico was jam packed, like every other day of this trip. We just had so many things we wanted to see and do. The morning started a little bit later than we had anticipated. We all slept in a bit or at least what seems to us to constitute a late morning (8am).

Once we were all dressed and fed we decided that we absolutely had to take Cordelia out to see White Sands. Have you seen it? Truly an amazing a beautiful place to be. However, the  New Mexico sun makes White Sands incredbly hot this time of year so we were trying to get out there before the heat of the day really picked up.

White sands

So, for those of you who aren't aware White Sands is a desert in the midst of the Tularosa Basin that has been formed by pure white gypsum sand. It is the exact color of the bleached sand one finds in hour glasses. Apparently the white sand desert is growing each year and it will eventually (in a couple of millenia) cover the town of Alamogordo. On windy days the sand picks up and makes a white cloud that can be seen from miles away. When northerners visit for the first time the sand looks exactly like hills of snow. Cordelia had a little difficulty understanding (as we drove in) that she was looking at sand and not snow, but once we got out she knew exactly what to do.

running in the sand

She ran, she jumped, she made sand angles. We spotted some white lizards. We rolled in the sand and jumped off the dunes. We dug our toes in deep to where the sand retained the cool temperatures of the night before.


walking with her dad

We stayed out there until the heat of the day became oppressive and then headed back to town. We stopped and had lunch with the in-laws. Eric went through some of his childhood belongings. Cordelia might be the most adorable vegan cowkid in this straw cowboy hat. When she put it on she had to howl like a wolf.

cowgirl hat

We had some more family visiting to fit in for the afternoon. Eric's entire family lives there so we really have to hustle to get in some quality time with everyone. Late afternoon we headed over to spend some quality time with the Copelands. You've probably noticed that I've mentioned them a time or two on my blog.

On our way over Cordelia fell asleep, of course. We had such a hectic schedule that she was surely feeling its effects at this point. So we just brought her in and let her nap while we were able to get in some quality grown-up time with no toddler wrangling.


We sat on their back patio which is something of a desert oasis and talked and talked. It was so wonderful. Being with close friends is just about the best way to spend an evening.

We got to check out their latest art projects, enjoy some good company and relax into an experience. After days of go-go-go it was a perfect change of pace to just sit, relax and enjoy.

desert plant

Eventually Cordelia woke up and once she had shaken of the post nap grogginess we took a little walk before dinner.


We spent the whole evening outside, it was perfect. We watched the sun slip behind the mountains together.


After the sun had set it was time to eat and if you know anything about Victoria then you know that this woman can cook! She made us an absolutely mouthwatering and memorable meal. Here is her recipe for a truly Wonderful Wild Rice that I have been dreaming about since we left. I am making it this week, absolutely! AND if you want a recipe for the best Fruit Salad that anyone has ever made, ever click this link (and note the awesome high school photo of Eric and I).

We were clearing the table after dinner and I was shocked to see that six hours had passed in the blink of an eye. So, we had to say our goodbyes as we were hitting the road early the next morning. What a perfect night we had, one that I will probably remember and treasure for the rest of my days.

With that another day in New Mexico was put to bed as we passed out in exhausted heaps.


Victoria said...

A Grand time was had by all!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

You had a better day then me Wimmer family! I had a boring day... in comparison!

Carmen said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! That sand is amazing!

Susan Struck said...

I'm so glad you all got together again. Victoria, I hope you know how important you both are to Maria and Eric. We hear about "The Copes" a lot.

AKM said...

Oh, the sand and sky are lovely. I think I need to be out west. Definitely.

I never thought about putting vanilla on fruit salad. That sounds brilliant. Wild rice and fruit salad sounds like a perfect warm-weather light meal.

So happy you had a good time with your friends!

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