Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Preparing for Baby: Mentally Packing for the Hospital

Somewhere between sleep and wake I had a mild freak out, no big deal it was really quite mild. I just suddenly became aware that a baby will be here in a couple of months. Holy smokes! I feel like I just have so much to do between now and then.

Of course I am feeling a lot more mellow about the whole experience, because this is not my first time through the process....well that was what I have been telling myself, but this morning as the light shone in through the window I realized that I have only done all of this exactly once before and that was nearly three years ago. Last time I checked that kind of experience does not make me an expert.

daiper bag

I talked myself down by realizing that I could turn my energy to list making. I find list making to be oddly comforting, even though I tend to throw the list out at the last minute---it all stays in my head.  So, I am going to start at the most important (no it isn't) part, the packing of the hospital bag. I think with my first pregnancy I had started this process at three months, I was pretty eager. Now, the list will remain here for another month and a half.

I think I will need:
  • Camera
  • Video camera, for Cordelia's first meeting of her sibling. I am not earthy enough to want to relive the birth experience through film. Once is enough thank you very much.
  • Something, or a couple of options for clothes to take her home in. I think I had something like 5 outfits for Cordelia, that now seems excessive.
  • Vegan snacks for myself and our crew. There are some vegan food options at the cafeteria, but we will all appreciate a few additional munchies.
  • Diapers and wipes. I know that the hospital will provide me with them, but I cannot kill the urge to pack them as well.
  • Thank you cards. Last time I had such a big experience that I gave thank you cards to the doctors and nurses. I know it seems weird, but there will be some down time while I wait to leave and punching out a few thank you cards in the controlled hospital environment is way easier than when I get home and the madness really sets in, it will also help me keep track of gifts so nobody goes without gratitude.
  • Toiletries.
  • Bathrobe and pajamas. I felt so much more normal when I could just put on my own clothes instead of the hospital gown. 
  • Computer. We will want to spread the news to family with some photos and by we I mean Eric.
  • Children's toys and DVDs. I have no idea how much time Cordelia will be there, but I want to  be able to keep her happy. I assume that she will probably want to spend all of her time with the baby, but just in case the thrill of a silent sleeping bundle wears off then we should have something for her to do. I will probably add a few special big sister type gifts as well.
  • My mother's book. I will, if I have a moment, want to write about my feelings and thoughts for both my new daughter and for the new big sister while the mood is still fresh.
  • Car seat. Obviously they won't let us go without one.
I think I can leave behind:
  • Crocheting. I bring it along to many places, but I anticipate that I will not be crocheting at all. I will be baby gazing and laying there in that beautiful baby fog.
  • Music. I know some people swear by it, but from my previous experience I can tell you that I wasn't listening to anything. They could have been blaring Celine Dion's greatest hits for all I knew or cared.
  • A birth plan. Ha ha ha. My birth plan is to have a baby, no need to type that up.
  • Books and magazines. I specifically mean those birthing books, seriously who has time to read at that point?
  • A baby book. Who knows why I brought one along last time around?
Anyway, that's all I've got. Care to add to the list? Share your own?\


Susan Struck said...

Be sure to bring along your cell phone charger. It would probably be a good idea to bring along your cell phone as well.

Victoria said...

You are there girl! No worries!!

Anonymous said...

Maria Quote _ Car seat. Obviously they won't let us go without one.

25 years ago, my son was given to me in my lap in the front seat of the car... So yeah, times have changed...

Susan said cell phone charger, what about camera/video chargers(just in case you get trigger happy and the battery isn't "energizer"?)

Emily said...

I think you have a good list there! I was going to suggest a "big sister gift", but you already got it. You are such a good mom. :) Our big sister gifts when Lucas was born were two new backpacks filled with books, games, crayons, pencils, stickers, and a few edible goodies. We also gave each girl a disposable camera to document their own experience. We got the film developed and put them each into little photo books. They still like to look at them (and yes there are about ten pictures of the clock on the hospital room wall, but there are enough cute baby brother pictures to make it worth it!) :)

Kate said...

I didn't have anything packed for my SONshine, but had an awesome midwife who knew what I wanted. This time around, I had a birth plan, because "all natural" is equivalent to "not gonna happen" here. We didn't want Erythromycin or the Vitamin K shot and while the nurses were a-ok with it, the doctor on duty thought maybe I was insane. Birth plan was needed, alas. Which meant I had to clutch it in my already tight hands. Yuck.

I'm so excited about that babe of yours getting here! Here's to a happy, healthy, easy birth!

Anonymous said...

Wow! The count down gets shorter! Enjoy these last weeks of looking forward and planning. :)

Meryl said...

I think a "first time" list compared to a "second time" list would be so interesting. I was majorly stressed out about what I would wear. (Gave birth at a birth center, so no hospital gown.) Needless to say, any woman who has given birth once knows that really (really, really) you do not care about that when you're in the thick of things! Best of luck to you!

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