Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Projects: Current Projects and Bonus

I have been doing a little bit of sewing lately and by a little bit I really mean it. I have been turning out projects that take less than 1/2 an hour, mostly because that's all I have had time for. If you have been looking for some quick projects that will make your heart sing with the glow of accomplishment (major overstatement) then look no further.

First up I have been making headbands for Cordelia. She has curly hair and while I generally try to keep her well groomed she sometimes rolls around on the floor and does her best to turn her hair into a tangled mess that defies all reason. On days when she does this I need an out, meaning neither of us can handle another brush through of that wild and beautiful hair of hers. So, a great little kerchief is the prefect solution. I used the pattern from the aptly named, Simple Sewing for Baby. I don't think the project could be any more simple and Cordelia was beyond thrilled!


My next project is one that comes from the inevitable outgrowing of clothes. Cordelia has been choosing her own outfits lately and she recently chose a dress that was a bit too short. We were staying home so I just let it slide, planning to set it in the save pile for daughter #2. My mother came over the day she was wearing the too short dress and suggest that I just turn it into a skirt.


You can see the dress was really quite simple in its design. I used my seam ripper to separate the stripey top part from the skirt. I spent all of 2 minutes accomplishing this feat.

decapitated dress

I will probably do something to the top too, make another dress or something, but not today.

Honestly that could have been it. The elastic on the waist was in tact, but I just wanted to make it a little special and new for my girl who was eagerly watching the process. So I grabbed some non-wool felt scraps from my stash and made a little freehand cupcake. You can see that it consisted of three simple pieces.

cupcake 1

I assembled the cupcake.

cupcake 2

I spent less than 5 minutes sewing it to the skirt and voila, a new skirt for the girl. When Cordelia put it on she said, "Oooo, so beauitful. Oh mommy you make me laugh." So I won some toddler cool points today.

cupcake skirt 4

cpcake skirt 3

cupcake skirt 2


I am so excited to be guest posting over at Kirsten's Kitchen. Please go check out her great blog (she has some killer recipes) and my post as well!


affectioknit said...

What an awesome makeover! I love it!

Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

The cupcake is too sweet! (pardon the pun!)

Kate said...

I'm very into sewing sandwich bags right. 'Cause evidently we need 100 of them.

Mark said...

We love the cupcake. Such a cute idea! Thank you.

Susan Struck said...

Cordelia looked and felt adorable in her new skirt!

Tammie said...

the skirt is adorable. i love making something new out of something old.

rachel.k said...

Adorable! I wish I could sew even the simplest of things.

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