Monday, June 25, 2012

Preparing Big Sister

Today I am officially to term with this pregnancy (37-40 weeks is considered full term). So that means that we are in the final stretch of this pregnancy journey with our second daughter. Our focus is currently on our first daugther and making this major life change something that is both exciting, happy and easy for her. We have, of course, been working toward this goal all along, but now it is time for the final preparation.

sweet girl

What have we been doing to ease the transition and prep her for the change to come, you wonder? Well, we have been exposing her to newborns. Fortunately for us we have a few friends who have recently had newbies so she is getting a little perspective on their size and activity level. I think she now gets that her baby sister will not be immediately ready to run and play.

We have been including her in the process. She has come with me to many appointments. She helped to pick out a few needed baby items, also picking something for herself.

She has been practicing sharing. Something that a two year old can never practice enough.

We have had discussions galore about everything from crying to the day that her sister arrives. She has been reading big sister books and practicing her holding techniques with her toys.

She has been starting new routines of special events with her grandmother, grandfather and father. She and I have also been doing some new activities that will just be special for us. The idea is that she can get out and have some special time/fun adventures when things get a little intense around the house.

She has her own hospital bag that is packed with new books and activities which she is very excited to check out.

I think this week we will swing by the hospital so she can get a lay of the land in advance. Just to be clear, she won't be there for the delivery--- afterwards.

Ultimately I think we just have to trust this girl with a loving heart and have faith in ourselves as we navigate new terrain on very little sleep.

Do you have any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

What about sleeping arrangements? I think you said Cordelia will be sharing the room with her sister. How is that going with Cordelia, knowing she won't have the room all to herself anymore?

Maria Rose said...

The new baby will be in our room for several months, just makes it easier for sleep. Cordelia does know that room sharing is on the horizon, but not just yet.

Kate said...

Only once, when Dandelion was about 6 weeks old. with one single comment did SONshine ever have reservations: "Sometimes," he said, "I miss it being just 3 of us." Since then, he's been 100% eager and happy to be a big brother. I'm proud of him. We had a gift from his baby sister waiting for him in our room when he came in to meet her.

Emily said...

You and Eric and Cordy willall find your own place in the new rhythm of your family. It will happen in time. You are approaching this big change with such grace and enthusiasm, and I know it will be smooth. Oh and my advice? Give Cordy lots of hugs and snuggles in between feeding and holding the new baby. Those can never hurt. :)

Maria Rose said...

Oh Emily, how could I not hug my sweet girl? She is irresistible!

Susan Struck said...

Yikes! I'd better get that baby blanket finished!

sophie said...

I can't believe how big Cordelia looks in that photo! Preparation is so important and you two have nailed it! When Eva was born I made sure I had special treats, food and toys ready for Lucia to get through those marathon nursing sessions.

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