Monday, June 4, 2012

Project: How to Host a Crap Exchange

I have been going through the house doing some serious spring cleaning/nesting. The result of my efforts was a huge amassing of stuff we didn't want or need. I tell you there is no time like pregnancy to clean out the closet. I haven't worn some of my stuff in ages and I was able to really assess it with a clear perspective.

Anyway, I had this huge pile of stuff to take to a thrift store, but I thought to myself. "Why not host a crap exchange first?" A crap exchange is the best name I could come up with for what I had in mind. I invited some friends to gather their unwanted clothes, household goods, projects, anything and haul it over to my place. We would set it all out and dig through each other's stuff, taking a few new things. Once we had all sifted through the stuff the leftovers were to be carted off for donation at the thrift store.

Saturday was the day and I think it went off without a hitch. I made some vegan treats and tried to make the crap exchange a bit classier (we all know that I am super classy) by turning it into a little brunch. Eric and Cordelia met some friends for a play date and Bumblebee went to spend the morning at my parent's house. So I had the place to myself, it was kind of strange for the 20 minutes before everyone arrived.

Inside the house I set out a little brunch for my lady friends to enjoy.

I put out some flowers to counteract the thrift store vibe of digging through used stuff.

The vegan brunch spread: Banana bread, Lemon Bars (from the Joy of Vegan Baking), salted almonds and candied dates and punch.

party decoration
I also put up some party decorations that I made a couple of years back.

fruit kabobs
Fruit kabobs

The weather was perfect so I set up a few folding tables outside and we were all able to lay out our used goodies.

table with flowers
Bistro table set up for a little conversation

out the back porch
Out the back porch

One of the tables with some goodies laid out

setting up
Sorting through the stuff

Setting up before the party


Rachel said...

what a fun idea!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recipe for the banana bread on Saturday's post! I bookmarked it for baking later. I love fruit kabobs but can't eat raw pineapples, they give me hurtful bumps all over my tongue that lasts for hours... but I can eat it cooked! Go figure!
I love the Crap Exchange idea and it was probably a good idea not to have Cordelia there... you had some "adult" time without worrying about little feet of Miss C and Mr. B!

Anonymous said...

how fun! i love that you turned it into a brunch! what a great buffet! and those fruit kebabs look lovely! thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

I LOVE your ... punch bowl? It's not really a bowl, but it certainly is DARling!

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