Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pregnancy Photos

Well I don't think any pregnancy is really complete without a pregnancy photo, right? You may recall these photos from my pregnancy with Cordelia. We took those photos at the seven month mark when pregnant ladies usually look their best (pregnant, but not scary pregnant).

Anyway, I breezed past the seven month mark a while back and we just didn't get around to taking those photos. Really, the photos are for my girls I think everyone wonders what their mother looked like while she was pregnant with them. Last night we decided that we'd better rectify the situation as there isn't much time left and I do happen to be crossing into the scary pregnant territory. Don't believe me? Just ask my brother Sam who informed me that he is now afraid to be alone with me as I am a ticking time bomb.

So we waited until the magic hour for lighting and headed outside. Our little theater major in the making was very certain that this photo shoot was all about her. She wanted to wear a big dress. Eric was happy to oblige her with a little photo session of her own.


Next it was on to me. There was a lot of belly clutching and downward gaze photos going on when our toddler decided that the photos would be much improved by her presence.

cordelia and i

We did manage to get some good solo shots as well. Mission accomplished.


For those of you who think we live in a perfect world I would like to show the following example.


Cordelia had a little meltdown, something about how I neglected to laugh at her crazy jumping. Anyway, we powered through the meltdown and took the photos.  Bumblebee wandered in and out of the scene, barking. I mostly laughed at the absurdity of it all. Life!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, Cordelia is absolutely precious! so adorable!! and you are positively glowing:) thanks for sharing! so exciting!

Emily said...

You look simply stunning!! My kids are all obsessed with looking at pictures "when they were in my tummy"! You'll be glad you took the pics. :)

Anne Marie said...

Haha, would have loved seeing video of the photo shoot and Miss Cordelia's antics!

You are beautiful, by the way! I remember when you were a baby, just a few months old, and I was toting you around on my hip. Wow, don't I feel old now... :o)

Rachel said...

meltdowns and all, life looks pretty wonderful!! =) and you are absolutely a gorgeous baby mamma!! =)

Susan Struck said...

Maria, you are beautiful! Cordy is pretty even when she has a big teardrop. Anne Marie, I remember when YOU were just a few months old and I was toting you around on MY hip. Now who's old?

Tammie said...

you look beautiful! and the shot of cordelia mid meltdown is great. not because she's sad, but because it's just the perfect example of toddler behavior. love it.

sara said...

you look gorgeous! and cordelia is so energetic and cute! the meltdown pic is great. i have pics of my kids crying, too. sometimes they are sooooo dramatic and i just have to laugh and take a picture before picking them up for a hug. i'm glad i'm not the only one who's done it! :)

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