Saturday, June 9, 2012

Simple Pleasures

The sweetness of summer strawberries

stomping on bubble wrap
Stomping on bubble wrap

Coloring with chalk on the back patio

party dress
Wearing a party dress for no reason

chalk on ears
Laughing at a basset hound with chalk all over her ears...and then hosing her down.


Anonymous said...

I want that party dress... in an adult size please...
I honestly wish I didn't live in this era. I want to go back and be born in 1935 so I can wear pretty dresses when I grew up and fancy hats and gloves and purses with short straps that hang on your wrist...Can't anyone create a time-machine?
Or can I be 90 years old now and no-one will look at me strangely if I wear something like the Queen wears?

Victoria said...


Susan Struck said...

Ah, thanks for the smile.

Roxanne, just wear what you like and carry on without worry of what everyone else thinks. That's how Cordy does it.

Rachel said...

I love the pictures here. Great shots expressing simple, lovely things!

Anonymous said...

Susan Struck - That's how Cordy does it.
Yes, I know, but Cordelia is a child... she won't get weird looks, but if I dress up as a 1940-1050 girl, as a 47 year old, I will get strange looks. But to be fair, I never tried... so maybe I should!

Maria Rose said...

Weird looks don't matter!

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