Friday, June 8, 2012

New Growth

We are in a season of new growth here in our family. I am obviously growing physically and the growth that is happening inside of me seems to be manifesting or at least it is reflected throughout our environment.


Cordelia has been maturing as nature intended, but she also seems to sense that she will have a new role as the big sister. We have not given her any reason to think that she will have much for new responsibilities, but she seems to be picking up on the fact that she will need to grow to meet the changes to come. She tells us, "I'm growing up, but I'm still little." We love watching her grow, but are also relishing the present moment with our amazing firstborn.

water on leaves

No doubt that the natural world is really growing as well. Last week I completed all of my major gardening goals. Now it is just about maintenance and enjoyment.

Eric and I are always growing or at least trying to grow. We are fast approaching our 11 year anniversary and I will detail that a bit more next week.

One area of new growth has taken a bit more as far as adjustments... You may recall this post where I discuss our choice to be a one car family. Well, yesterday we made the choice to become a two car family. I am a bit sad that this means giving up some of our family time. However, our current situation has made it fairly clear that we should, as least for now, become a two car family.


So Eric and I went car shopping yesterday and picked up something that will carry our entire brood: ourselves, kids, animals. We went in with different goals. We knew we needed 4wd as we need to be able to drive to our house in the hills during the winter (that was not always something that we could do last winter in our car). Eric wanted something masculine. I didn't really care as long as it met our needs. After a relatively painless process we ended up with a Kia Sorento and before we knew it we had a new beige (no choice on the color) vehicle sitting in the driveway. We decided that the new vehicle must be male for Eric's sake (2 girls, wife, girl dog, girl cats....I even deemed our first car and home to be female). Eric named it The Kraken.


Anonymous said...

You can re-paint the vehicle a "manly" color for Eric. I think over here in Ontario Canada, Maaco does it for $400 or so.

Anonymous said...

The Kraken...great name:) And gorgeous greenery you have there! so exciting!

affectioknit said...

Congrats! on the new car...and all the growth!

~Have a lovely weekend!

Victoria said...

The Kraken, love that! Congrat's on your new wheels!

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