Friday, July 27, 2012

Little Things

Today I thought I'd share a few of the little things that are big in my life right now.

A few nights that were a bit cooler.

Speaking of nights....the splendor of a baby that is a great sleeper!

super Bee
Bumblebee laying like this...

Talking about nothing in particular with my husband late at night

A newly born baby who is just starting to chub up.

 Cordelia asking me, "When Elise gets bigger can she bring sauerkraut to our picnic?" No idea what picnic she is referencing, but the girl does love sauerkraut.

 Visits from friends that are supposed to last just a few minutes, but end up as a very pleasant 2 hour visit.

Making this girl laugh until she cries.

My first solo parent outing with 2 girls...successful!

line of chalk
Chalk that has been "organized" by Cordelia

What little things are big in your life?


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful beautiful family you have:)

affectioknit said...

That picture of Bumblebee is so funny!

~Have a lovely day!

Anne Marie said...

I like licorace (well, used to before having to be gluten free), and I love V8. But licorace and LOL!

Anonymous said...

Little things:
Receiving a surprise visit & bday present from friends! Thanks again!

AKM said...

That's a girl after my own heart, with her Twizzlers and V-8. Two of my favorite snacks of all-time.

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