Monday, July 9, 2012

Project: Painting a Birdhouse with a Little One

Need something crafty to do today? I always like a nice project to work on with Cordelia. Here is one of our more recent projects...

You will need
  • birdhouse, you can buy these pre-made or that require some assembly---you can diy if that is your thang.
  • Drill---if you want to hang the birdhouse
  • paint
  • paintbrushes
  • newspaper or something to lay down whilst painting is happening
  • thick cord or string or wire, something to hang it with
  • a willing artist

  Bird house 1
  • First you will need to assemble the bird house
Bird house 2
  • Next drill a hole in the top, like so
 Bird house 4
  • I painted the entire birdhouse a solid color (using leftover outdoor paint from previous projects) to give the thing some uniformity, but you can skip this step if you want. I assembled and painted during nap time so Cordelia didn't have any waiting time when we were ready to go.
Bird house 5

Bird house 6
  • The best part. Lay out the newspaper and then give your little artist a brush or brushes and some paint and let them go to town. Cordelia spent the better part of an hour working on this---that is an eternity in 2 year old time.
Bird house 7

Bird house 8
  • Wait for the paint to dry
  • String your birdhouse with the cord or wire through the holes and hang it in a tree. Make sure to have your little one help to find the exact right location. Ours is near the bird feeder.
Bird house 9


Anonymous said...

Very sweet :-)

E xx

affectioknit said...

What a perfect project! and a perfect result as well!

~Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful birdhouse! Did some birds come to check it out already?

Susan Struck said...

Again, what a great Mom you are!

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