Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inappropriate Labor and Delivery Play Lists

Now that it is pretty much a minute-by-minute waiting game I am near the edge of my sanity. Will she be here now...or now...or now...? I am really struggling to ignore the contractions that have been increasing slowly, but surely, for the last several days and find some personal distractions.

When I look over the advice to mothers in waiting there are things like prep your birth plan....well my plan is to give birth. Anything else is really just up to nature and my attempts to control that will probably end in disappointment. I prefer to go with the flow.

record player

Another idea is to come up with a mixed tape or some music to play while giving birth. Now, that's a great idea, but as I recall from my previous experience I have no recollection of any sounds, let alone calming birth music...just wasn't on my radar what with all of the physical agony distracting me.

Anyway, I decided that if I were to make a mix tape for the event it would be pretty inappropriate anyway. Care to take a listen to my imaginary labor and delivery play list? I have linked to each of the songs for you to enjoy, bam!

Maria's Inappropriate Mix CD for Labor and Delivery
10. Push It, Salt-N-Pepa
Oh no I didn't just go there!Oh yes I did and I am certain that those exact dance moves will play an important role in labor and delivery.

9. Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash
Too far? Never

8. The Final Countdown, Europe
Oh yeah!

7. Break on Through, The Doors
A little labor and delivery organ solo please.

6. Should I Stay or Should I Go, The Clash
Sometimes a baby seems a little indecisive.

5. Gigantic, Pixies
Well, I think we know why I might choose this one...and I really hope that doesn't play a role in this delivery

4. U Can't Touch This, MC Hammer
When you are actively having a baby you reach a point where you just want to be left alone....

3. Sweet Child O Mine, Guns N Roses
Why not, I ask you?

2.  Cannonball, The Breeders
This song was chosen because my father nicknamed me Cannonball throughout the duration of this pregnancy.

1.For this last one there are two choices
a) End on a sweet note Be My Baby, TheRonettes
b) End on the note that would impress my husband Can I Play With Madness, Iron Maiden

Now, you may or may not know that I have a not-so-guilty obsession with Queen and I just discovered that I could (if I were extra crazy) make a totally Queen playlist for birthing. Here is a little sampling of what I am talking about, check it out!

We Will Rock You, Queen
We will rock her in a rocking chair. Woot Woot!

Don't Stop Me Now, Queen
Once labor is underway that's how I will feel

Under Pressure, Queen
Umm...does this need any clarification

I Want to Break Free, Queen
Ha ha!

 Do you have any songs you would add to my awesome imaginary birthing playlist????


Pam Brewer said...

"Mama's Got a Squeezebox" by The Who. (you said inappropriate!)

Anonymous said...

From the baby's viewpoint!

"I'm in here!" Can't figure out the singer...?


or youtube with music and singing...

Clare from norcal said...

the first one that came to mind was "help!" by the beatles. possibly "no more tears" ozzy, for after delivery, and then the sweetest (anticircus, proanimalrrights) mama/baby song, from dumbo, "baby mine". blessings to you for an easy birth, what a lucky baby to join your lovely family.

AKM said...

I'm trying so hard to think up a clever addition. My friend's brother also suggested "Push It" for her labor playlist, and I thought that was about the funniest thing ever. Your choices are great, too.

Any day now! YAY!

Stacy said...

Awesome list! Hopefully soon.

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