Monday, August 6, 2012

Art Attack

Eric and I keep a fairly minimalist household. We really try to avoid an abundance of meaningless knickknacks and random dust collectors. We go through our closets with regularity. We often take bags to donate to thrift stores when we have stuff that is no longer being used. Most of the stuff we own has an actual function or is truly appreciated. We do, however, have something of a dark secret. We have way too much art. The art is a mixture of our work, pieces we have found and purchases, pieces gifted to us from other artists. While it is important for serious collectors of art (we're kinda serious) to have enough work to rotate the pieces. ***We rotate the work to give a piece a break from being on display in the sunlight which can damage it over time.

Our collection has gotten waaay out of hand and part of the reason is our own work. We have each saved pieces that we made but didn't love or plan to show. We have work spanning back to at least high school. The consequence of having all of this art is that we have to store it. Every single closet in our home is pretty much stuffed with art and the rest of our stuff sits around the art. We have art in the garage, the crawl space, etc. We are coated in artwork. Well, we have finally had it. Yesterday we pulled out all of the art we own that isn't currently on display and started sorting it out.


You can see that the collection easily took over our entire living room. We set to work sorting things out amid the chaos of soothing a gassy baby and playing imaginary boat ride with a little girl. The art was separated into piles: art to toss, canvases to be reused, frames and other supplies (reclaimed from tossed art), work to give away, work from/by others, work to keep of our own.


The process is tedious. Each piece must be assessed by both of us and then put into the pile in which it belongs. We are still going through it all today, but we are bound and determined to get through it all! We will then organize our art and call it good. Hopefully when this is complete our art collection will be a lot more manageable and streamlined. We are also hoping to gift some pieces to friends and patrons as a thank you.

Do you  have a dark (non-creepy) secret cluttering your closets?


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm impressed that you (a) have so much art that you (b) rotate it and (c) can come to a consensus together on whether to keep or throw. My secret: yarn. I cleaned out my stash before baby came and it was a little intense.
Josh's secret: Baseball stat books and Musician's Friend catalogs.

Anonymous said...

Clothes for him. Cookbooks for me. (They both multiply like rabbits!)

Victoria said...

Good Luck with That!!
mine,magazines,cookbooks. His,clothes

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