Thursday, August 23, 2012

Farmer's Market

We recently took a trip to the local farmer's market. We really didn't need anything, but just wanted to soak up a bit of the local flavor and get ourselves out and about. The weather was perfect, there were tons of locals milling about and enjoying the fresh foods and good music. The mood was happy and relaxed, just what we needed.

e walking




E and C
Eric and Cordelia listening to the band. I swear it was like three days ago that I was watching the band play in that same spot while pregnant with Cordelia. My how time passes.



C and I on giant sundial

How have you been spending your evenings?


Soley said...

Hey, that same bakery sells bread at our farmer's market in Colorado!

AKM said...

Ooh, those were beets, yes? Did you get some? And cook the yummy greens on top! A friend at school canned 50 pints of pickled beets and she should be bringing me a jar next week. LOVES me some beets!

Wow, Cordelia is so lovely! And she's practically a, time DOES fly. :-)

Maria Rose said...

We did not get beets, but probably will next time!

oh, Cordelia starts preschool in a few weeks...teardrop.

Kirstens Kitchen said...

I love attending the farmers market in my hood. I also love that you and C always wear dresses, you both look great!

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